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Category "Human Resources" | Small Business Insights and Ideas

Human resources deal with hiring, firing and employee concerns. Check out the
latest articles to set your small business for success.

4 Human Resources Challenges in 2016

Mar 3, 2016 ... Finding quality employees is always top of mind for HR teams. In a recent study
by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), HR ...

76 Online Tools and Resources Every Business Owner Should be ...

Apr 18, 2016 ... You'll need help when building your business. But, what if you can't afford to hire
anyone? That's where online tools and resources come in.

Marketing Planner: How to attract, sell, and wow customers

... marketing plan built for your business—one that will help you and your team
close more sales and increase your revenue. Let's get started! GET RESOURCE

Infusionsoft: Small Business Insights and Ideas

Human Resources. 10.17.2017. How to Help Employees After a Layoff. A
meeting request arrives in your inbox to discuss an important matter with the

5 Resources to Build Better Leadership Skills and Grow Confidence

Aug 18, 2017 ... Just because you don't lead people doesn't mean you don't need leadership
skills. Check out 5 resources to help build up your leadership ...

Content Marketing Resources All Entrepreneurs Need

Dec 30, 2015 ... Content marketing is an important aspect to any small business. Check out these
40 content marketing resources to help your small business ...

5 Resources You'll Need During Your Search for Business Funding

Aug 3, 2017 ... Searching for business funding is stressful enough—you don't need to waste time
figuring out what resources you'll need, we figured it out for ...

10 Resources for Hiring and Managing Freelance Writers

Jun 20, 2017 ... Hiring a freelancer doesn't have to be a difficult process. Check out 10 resources
for hiring and managing freelance writers.

Free Email Templates: 10 Emails You Need to Close a Sale

Your email is just one of dozens your prospects will receive that day. Keep it
direct and short (around one hundred words). GET RESOURCE ...

101: Cutting-edge Strategies and Tools to Increase Conversions ...

Expert small business resources that cost you zero dollars. Want to go deep? We
have you covered with free guides, webinars, and tools on a range of topics ...

How to Maximize Profits with Outsourcing

Apr 5, 2016 ... Generally speaking, it is exceptionally useful for small businesses with limited
resources. For instance, outsourcing can provide various ...

Score Like a Rock Star

If you're like many small business owners we've worked with, you have leads, but
you're having trouble making sure you're spending your time and resources ...

9 Resources to Create Better B2B Buyer Personas

Jul 13, 2016 ... Marketers who employ buyer personas tend to have higher conversion rates.
Discover 9 resources that will help you create better B2B buyer ...

Cash in a Flash

... to segment your email list to get the right customers; How to set up a flash sale
email series; How to configure a landing page; And more! GET RESOURCE ...


Harness Your Inner Genius: How to Dream Big and Grow Your Business. You
want to grow your business. You want to see your wildest dreams for your ...

This Time, It's Personal: How to Use Personalized Automation

... you'll learn: Tips to make your automated emails sound personal; How to use
merge fields; When to send automated emails; And more! GET RESOURCE ...

Facebook Marketing: Insider Secrets

... and what clearly does not. Some of this is basic human psychology, and you
may just have several “aha moments” when you find out!) GET RESOURCE ...

How to Create Your Customer Avatar

Sep 15, 2017 ... Creating a customer avatar can help you target the right people. Check out this
blog post and download a free worksheet to help you create ...