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Don't Give Up When a Lead Isn't Ready to Buy

By June Brockmeyer

We’ve all walked into a store and decided, right then and there, that we weren’t going to buy. But something compelled us to go into said store in the first place, whether it was curiosity, determination to find something or just pure coincidence. The important thing to remember is that we went inside.

In previous days, once a customer walked out of a store, the business owners felt like that was the end of that sale. But now, with automation software and other digital tools, we can keep in touch with the people who touched base with your business but for some reason didn’t commit to making a purchase.

Aristotle once said, “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet." The same is true in sales: Just because leads aren't ready to buy doesn't mean that they won't ever buy. If you continue to nurture them by following up, you could enjoy the fruits of your labor.

There's no such thing as a bad lead

Leads that may not be ready to buy should be just as important to your business as those who are. If you follow up with them over weeks and months, they may turn to you when they're ready for your products or services. If leads feel you’re reaching out in a caring way and learning more about them and their challenges, they’ll turn to you when they need you.

Get over the “no”

Some people who aren’t ready to buy may tell you all the reasons why you aren’t what they’re looking for. But that doesn’t mean they'll always feel that way about your business.

Acknowledge and overcome their objections head on. You could lose valuable leads if you don’t address their concerns. Look at any objection as an opportunity to restate why your products or services may be helpful.

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