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Sales Follow-Up Technique: 5 Ways to Become Better

Did you just have an initial sales meeting? You probably didn’t make the sale. I’m not trying to be a Debbie Downer—that’s just statistics; research shows that deals are made in only one in 50 first meetings. That’s two percent. Ouch. Statistically, you want to push for five refusals before you give up on making the sale. 

And if you need to keep going until you get a “yes” or five “nos,” well, that means you need to hone your sales follow-up techniques. Here are four articles—and our Campaign of the Month—to help you bolster your follow-up.

Why 8 Percent of Sales People Get 80 Percent of the Sales

This article introduces the five “nos” strategy and includes some more interesting statistics about how many (or few) sales people are making most of the sales. Use this as an excellent data-driven incentive to get you on your follow-up game.

5 Secrets to Mastering Sales Follow-Up

When I selected this article to include in the post, I didn’t even realize it was written by our CEO Clate Mask, but that seems like pretty good kismet. Clate’s recommendations are more intricate than “just follow up,” so they can help you set up a system for long-term, repeatable follow-up success. 

20 Great Sales Follow Up Techniques

While you might not be able to use every one of these 20 techniques, chances are you’ll find at least a few nuggets that will spur on your follow-up efforts among these crowd-sourced tips.

3 Sales Follow-Up Strategies to Replace “Touching Base”

Jill Konrath shares three ways to keep sales momentum going without using clichés like “just checking in.” These are great strategies for once you’re figuring out how to actually word your follow-ups.

Campaign of the Month: Post-Appointment Follow-Up

Use an internal form to fill out specific information about your appointment, which will then merge into an automated template. That way you know each follow-up is personalized, but it minimizes the time you put in to each individual email.

What are your best strategies for effective follow-up? 

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