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Membership Sites for Courting That Super Special Prospect

By Jorge Lazaro Diaz

Remember the last time you walked into a club, signaled to a great looking lady, and asked her home with you. How’d that work out?  

Probably not well. Wah, wah…

Working sales that way won’t turn out much better. If you’re too fast, too direct, too soon, you’re not going to score.


The basic answer is because people buy from people they know, like, and trust. If they don’t know you, they can’t like you, and they certainly won’t trust you.

It’s just like dating. If you don’t follow the right order, you “strike-out.”

Step 1: The lead magnet

In the online world, step one is typically to offer a lead magnet. If you’re an accountant, you can offer up something like, “3 Often Overlooked Income Tax Loopholes That Will Cost You Millions.” You can make it a video, a report, a white paper, or whatever your audience will most appreciate. It’s something attractive potential clients can get by filling out a web form. It’s free but does require they give their name and email address.

The classic way to deliver a lead magnet is to send out an email after they hit submit. The email contains a link that lands them on a page where they can view or download it. If all you wanted was to deliver a snazzy lead magnet, you’d be done and happy now, right? But like the guy at the club, you’re looking for something more.

Consider this option using a membership site. Suppose you change the link in the email to an auto login link. This link logs them into a membership site without them even knowing it. It then takes that to that same lead magnet on the membership site. They have exactly what they wanted, and you have so much more.

Step 2: The tripwire

Now the courting begins.

For starters, you can welcome them by first name. You got it from them, so let’s put in a big, “Welcome, (your name)” right at the top. You can display the image selector for accessing your lead magnet right next to the selector for your tripwire.   

What’s a tripwire? It’s an inexpensive “next step” product that keeps the person moving down your sales funnel. It tells you they’re interested enough to pull out their wallet and pay something.

Our accountant’s tripwire could be, “A Do-It-Yourself QuickBooks Chart of Accounts Building Kit.” They could offer it for $27, $57, $99, or $199.  You price it so someone with an interest won’t hesitant to buy.

We recommend displaying the tripwire selector image grayed out or with the image of a padlock. You want to make it tempting like “forbidden fruit.” When they do click it (and you know they will), you take them to a sales page where they can buy it.

This is like taking the lady out for coffee. They get to know you. You are non-threatening and safe. It gives them a chance to consider liking and trusting you.

Step 3: Stretch it out

You might be thinking, “Well how often would they really visit the site if all they get is a lead magnet?” Here’s a twist to keep them coming back. Our accountant can offer the lead magnet, “30 Days to Solving your Cash Flow Problems.” Instead of a one-time delivery, you deliver your lead magnet a day at a time over 30 days. You open or auto drip the content on the membership site daily, and you send them a daily email message with an auto login link that takes them to the day’s content.

This opens up a lot of possibilities, doesn’t it?

With this multi-day approach, your tripwire can be as simple as an offer to open up all 30 days of content right away. For a small fee, someone buys immediate access to 30 days of content.  

Step 4: Assess the situation

Membership sites in a scenario like this give you access to analytics.

  • You can tell when and if someone logs in
  • You know how long they’ve stayed on the site
  • You know what content most interests them

So you can use this info to customize the email you send them. You can display ads on your membership site or include content best suited to the kind of content their behavior says they want.

Think of what else this enables you to do. If you see someone spending a lot of time viewing content on a specific topic, you can offer them a solution to help address it. You can offer them a free 45-minute discovery call to dig into their issue. You can offer a paid assessment that enables you, the credible expert they may now trust, to look into their problem.

Step 5: Close the deal

So like our guy at the club, you need to be patient. You need to introduce yourself in a way that “impresses the lady.” You want to gather intelligence that you now have readily available. Then instead of taking a sloppy, random approach, you take a well-informed approach that puts on display what your prospects behavior tells you they want. This all showcases you as the expert, builds your credibility and enables them to feel they can trust you.   

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Jorge Lazaro Diaz (founder of Larry Jacob Internet Marketing) and his team specialize in building what they call Incredibly Powerful Membership Websites for Infusionsoft users. Through his program, Defining Infusionsoft Success, Jorge and his guests work to empower entrepreneurs with valuable resources for transforming their businesses.  Join Jorge's newsletter to receive weekly tips for growing your business.

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