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Effective Sales Contests to Motivate Your Team

Has your team of salespeople or wholesale distributors hit a wall? Sometimes, the best way to motivate a team of salespeople who aren’t performing is to run a contest. But not every contest will be enough to snap them out of their slump. Next time you need to light a fire under your team, try one of these contests:

Yes and no rewards

The classic strategy of rewarding salespeople with cash for closing deals is effective in many environments, however, there is one thing missing. Salespeople need to be rewarded for hearing yes and for hearing no. When you reward salespeople even when they get rejected, you are encouraging them to reach out to as many clients as possible. Not only will they most likely make more sales because they are talking to more clients, but they’ll also become more comfortable hearing, “No,” so they’ll be more effective salespeople in the end.

Floating $100 bill

Run a daily sales contest with a cash prize of $100. The first salesperson to make a sale that day will take possession of the $100, but if someone else makes a higher sale later on in the day, he or she then gets to hold onto the $100. This should repeat until the end of the day, when whoever is in possession of the $100 bill (the person with the highest sale of the day) gets to go home with the money. This motivates everyone on the team to aim higher in their sales so they can get a small cash prize while also making a commission. Because the contest only runs for a day instead of a week or month, it will keep salespeople engaged, too.

Sales bingo

Create a bingo board with different sales goals to hand out to every member on your team. Some boxes can include specific sale amounts, while others can be about landing a new client or selling a specific product. Let the contest run for a week and watch as your team scrambles to hit bingo before anybody else. This contest really brings out the competitive nature in your sales team and motivates them to make all different kinds of sales to win the game.

Team challenge

Split your salespeople into teams and create a list of different goals that each team has to meet by the end of the week or month. Add a variety of goals such as “reach out to X new clients,” “sell X of this product” or “sell $X to one client.” Make sure each team keeps their results a secret until the end of the challenge, as this will help keep everyone on their toes and motivated to sell more. Then, at the end of the contest, go over the results as a group. Whichever team sold the most should win either a cash prize or day off.

This article was written by Joel Goldstein from Business2Community and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

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