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How to Make Your E-Commerce Product Pages Shine

If you run an ecommerce business, or handle an online storefront, your product pages are one of the most important aspects of your website to get right. For e-commerce businesses, your product pages can often be the entrypoint to your entire website—via ads that drive traffic to a specific product, social sharing, or direct search, etc.—which means you want them to look their best. Because when they look their best, sales go up.

Of course, there are a gazillion different ways to set up your product pages—they can be as unique as the businesses themselves. The only criteria is that, no matter what, your product pages should be your brand’s best foot forward.

Below, we’ll highlight some small businesses doing great things with their product pages that can serve as inspiration for your own ecommerce pages.

Ball and Buck

Great use of video product demo

Ball and Buck is a men’s outdoor clothing and lifestyle brand, describing itself as “an outfitter tailored for the sporting gentleman.” They target men who want the look of the fashionable outdoorsman, but with their only brick and mortar store location in Boston, their online storefront has the widest reach.

To help their online shoppers get a more comprehensive shopping experience, they include product videos in their flagship product pages. In our example below, the Hunter’s Shirt product page includes a video for the shirts in this product line. This video fits nicely into the overall page by complementing the succinct text description, and it stays on brand by featuring Mark Bollman, the Ball and Buck president and founder, sitting in a lodge-like environment talking frankly and affectionately about the garment.

Ball and Buck.jpg


DIY Product Descriptions

If you’re a product reseller, like Phoenix’s own Strolleria, you have a somewhat limited variety of ways to distinguish yourself from competing resellers of the same product. One awesome way to set yourself apart is to ditch the manufacturer’s pre-scripted product descriptions and write your own.

Most businesses don’t invest the time and energy in writing unique product descriptions, instead taking the road-most-travelled: copy and paste the manufacturer’s descriptions. The problem is, if everyone’s doing it, what’s making your product—and your brand—stand out?

Strolleria put a little sweat equity into their business by writing their own product descriptions, and here are the advantages they report it’s given them:

  1. Generic product description copy varies widely in style between manufacturers. By writing their own descriptions, they created consistency across their own product pages that helps shoppers compare products. Things like including bulleted lists and adding a product dimensions and specifications section.

  2. They were able to incorporate target keywords for SEO that help their product pages outrank their competitors for specific search terms.

  3. They addressed common customer questions up front by adding details on “What’s in the box,” and links to compatible car seats per each stroller.

  4. They added links to accessories, a convenience for customers as well as a great way to promote upsells.


Joined and Jointed

“Temporarily Out of Stock” message

Joined and Jointed represents a collective of designers and craftspeople in the UK who together produce fine contemporary furniture. The Joined and Jointed product pages are certainly a joy to behold, thanks to the beautiful design, excellent images, and crisp product descriptions. But that’s not why we’re featuring them here.

We’d like to highlight how they handle out of stock items. Out of stock messages can be frustrating for your customer—especially when the product page delivers a heartless out of stock message—but they can also provide an opportunity to engage with your audience. Joined and Jointed takes care on both of those fronts.

First, they make it clear on the product catalogue page when an item is out of stock; in this case, the “Brace” Console Table.

Joined and Jointed 1.png

Browsers can continue perusing the catalogue page for in-stock items to purchase, but if they click through on a sold out item, the product description is updated to say, “This piece has sold out. To make an enquiry, please email [email protected] or call 020 7371 7766.”

This provides a couple great things.

  1. The audience gets invited to connect with the store, which means the store can set them up on a waitlist, etc.

  2. If this business used Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and marketing automation, they could automatically add these inquiries to a follow up email campaign that can help with upsells and return sales.

Joined and Jointed 2.jpg

Of course, permanently out of stock items are a different ballgame. Check out this great article on how to handle product pages for permanently out of stock items.


Browsing by category simplified

Curated gift boxes are all the rage. And Birdytell is right in line with the trend. They allow you to curate your own gift box by selecting items by category to include in your gift, which they will then box up and deliver.

Birdytell has designed a beautiful interface for quickly browsing by product category, allowing shoppers to mix and match with ease. By using a shop-by-category design, they encourage shoppers to explore each category, and in so doing, create more opportunities for an upsell.


Tuft & Needle

A product page that makes a pitch

If you’re a single-product business, your product pages have to do a little more work for you. Tuft & Needle, an upstart mattress maker, faces that very challenge. Not only do they have to highlight the practical details of their mattress product, but they also must face the first question on their customers’ minds: isn’t a high-quality, low-priced mattress too good to be true?

Their product page copy is expertly written to walk customers through the benefits of their material and design and then down through their shipping process and pricing structure. To cap it off, they end with a product review section, letting their customers have the final say.

The key to packing this much onto a single product page is the copywriting. Tuft & Needle keeps the copy lean and crisp, which helps prospects move down the page and absorb all the details, compelling them to make a purchase.

Tuft and Needle.jpg

Summit to Soul

Shopping Instagram

Summit to Soul, a DC-area women’s athletic wear store, uses an app called SNAPPPT in their product pages. SNAPPPT enables them to import their instagram images and tag them directly to their product pages, giving shoppers a great way browse products online. Brands like Summit to Soul are made for Instagram, making this a great way to enhance their product pages.

In fact, Summit to Soul took a really smart approach to “Shop our Instagram”: they Insta’d clothing ensembles, which one-ups the product page game by 1) encouraging their fans to follow them on social, and 2) beautifully creating an upsell opportunity by showing complete outfits together, linking directly to each featured product.

Summit to Soul.jpg

Sun Scout

Original product images

Much like original product descriptions, original product photos can really bump up your product page game.

Sun Scout, an online clothing boutique run by three sisters, uses original photos of their clothing lines, featuring women of varying body types wearing each product. This helps customers envision themselves in the product, because they can click through to see models that match their own body type. Sun Scout even includes in the product description the names and dress sizes of the models included on that product page to further help shoppers pick items that they’d like to wear.

If this sounds like something you’d like to give a try, we’ve got a super helpful video with practical tips for Taking Product Photos on Zero Budget.

Sun Scout.jpg

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