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15 Important Holiday E-Commerce Marketing Dates For Your Business

Wondering which holidays to market your business on? Look no further, we’ve compiled important holiday e-commerce marketing dates (at least to United States citizens and Canadians) for you to prepare sales, promotions, and PPC campaigns around.

You better plug these into your marketing calendar!

The 17 Important Holiday E-Commerce Marketing Dates:

October 1st – Buy British Day

Initiated in 2014, this day celebrates businesses and goods from Britain, encouraging customers to shop nationally.

If you’re a British retailer, this is an important date to prepare for. Businesses can find information and even support for their marketing with Best of Britannia.

October 10th – Thanksgiving Day (Canadian)

Your holiday promotions and ad copy should be established by now (what, this early?). Our experience shows that conversion rates start to increase from Thanksgiving onward.

Thankfulness should be expressed for your customers. Gratitude goes far, discounts and promotions for past customers will signal your thankfulness.

It’s also a good date to show your awareness and thankfulness for the society and nation that lets your business prosper and operate.

October 31st – Halloween

Everyone’s favorite spooky day. Whether you offer fake fangs or not, scary theming and terrifying deals might just help your business get its treat.

Just be mindful.

November 11th – Singles Day


While North Americans and Europeans remember the sacrifices of their armed forces, Asian countries celebrate their single people—that is, people without a significant, romantic other—by partying and engaging in intense consumerism (retailers have truly capitalized on loneliness for this one).

People, proud of the fact that they’re single, reward themselves with record-breaking spending of over $14.3 billion USD on Alibaba alone.

If your product reaches Asian markets, advertising on this date is probably essential. And who knows, maybe it’ll start to catch on in the western hemisphere. Give single people pride by giving them a discount on your product or service.

November 24th – Thanksgiving Day (United States of America)

US citizens like to be thankful a bit later than Canadians.

November 25th – Black Friday

This shopping day has often been our client’s best performing date with their peak conversion rates for the entire year. Missing out on Black Friday sales feels bad.

Once limited to the United States of America and its thanksgiving tradition, Black Friday now exists worldwide due in part to its role in e-commerce literature and the rise of online shopping.

However, Black Friday retains brick and mortar connotations as Cyber Monday always follows and contrasts with the Friday.

Black Friday acts as a beacon for the Holiday Season and can often be used to gauge whether or not your holiday season marketing is prepared.

November 26th – Small Business Saturday

Why not plop another shopping holiday between Black Friday and Cyber Monday? American Express is given credit for this date as they began an advertising campaign around the shopping day in 2010.

Since its inception, Small Business Saturday has steadily gained traction because of the immense amounts of holiday shopping conducted on this consumer frenzied weekend.

It’s a perfect opportunity to promote your small business (and even guilt customers into making a purchase to “celebrate” the day).

November 28th – Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday Important Holiday eCommerce Marketing Dates

You can't miss the digital follower to Black Friday, which means you must be prepared. This Monday will test your holiday season marketing as this date is taken advantage of by the ever-growing number of online-first shoppers.

November 29th – Giving Tuesday

The Tuesday following Cyber Monday needed its own name. After the surge of buying for friends, family, and one’s self for the past four days, Canadians thought it’d be useful to bring us back to more noble intentions.

This holiday (?) is dedicated to donating to charities and rallying around causes. It’s definitely a curious conception occurring after Thanksgiving, but I suppose it’s necessary to surf the crest of the spending wave morally to its dissipation.

December 12th – Green Monday

Another colored e-commerce date, Green Monday was coined by eBay to describe their best sales day in December.

The date falls on the second Monday of December and generally marks the last date that an order can be standard shipped in time for Christmas.

This day has incredible online sales; make sure your business is involved with the demand.

December 18th – Free Shipping Day

An entertainingly simple title denotes this e-commerce holiday’s purpose: free shipping before Christmas Eve. The intelligently manufactured holiday offers late online shoppers extra incentive to make their orders in time for Santa’s arrival.

When creating promotions for this date keep your warehouse’s shipping deadlines in mind. Once these deadlines are passed, promotions and ad spend should be reined in as conversion rates will drop.

Businesses simply (however simple the process actually is) need to offer free shipping on this date and ample advertising of the offer to build awareness.

December 24th – Christmas Eve/Super Saturday or Panic Saturday

Both the holy night before Christmas and the last available day for Christmas shopping. The frantic will need last-minute gifts. The prepared will relax and look happily towards the festivities.

December 25th – Christmas Day


The grand finale. The big Kahuna. The Holy Grail. The e-commerce Ecstasy. Festive family time. Spiritual contemplation time. Christmas Eve’s Darling Sister.

Just make sure that your marketing team prepared for this date so that you can enjoy it with the ones you love.

December 26th /27th – Boxing Day

Conversion rates increase, especially in Canada, from this date until January 1st. It’s time to ramp up your holiday promotion spend (you better have holiday promotion spend) and profit.

Commonwealth nations used to participate in the tradition of gifting servants and tradesmen with “Christmas boxes” from their masters, employers, or customers.

The date now serves shoppers looking to gift themselves with post-Christmas sales and promotions.

January 1st – New Year’s Day

The New Year invigorates us with freshness. Offer your customers a fresh start with deals and promotions. Hangover cures sell on this date.

New Year’s Eve can also be used to promote new products, offers, and services. However the holiday season officially ends with New Year’s Day, signaling a scaling back in e-commerce conversion rates as people look at their credit card bills.

Scaling back your ad spend needs to be planned otherwise you might pay for inefficient advertising.

Take advantage of these important Holiday e-commerce marketing dates

Update your marketing calendar. But remember to celebrate as well. Money must flow, but there’s always time to appreciate why the holiday exists in the first place.

This article originally appeared in Vantage Search Marketing, was written by Michael Pendreigh from Business2Community, and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

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