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Create a Successful Pre Marketing Plan: Tips from The Big Drive Finalists

At Infusionsoft, we have a booming partner program.  In fact, partner sales account for about 40% of Infusionsoft’s total sales, which is why there are some great incentives for these sales. One of these incentives includes winning a new car and no, we haven't turned into "The Price is Right." This year we held the second Big Drive, which gave away a brand new Chevy Camaro to the Infusionsoft partner who made the most sales in a 3-month time frame and the winner was Jeanette Gleason with 48 sales. While we talk a lot about how to reach your customers, we rarely address setting up yourself for your small business success, so read on to discover the way Jeannette- and the other top performers- achieved winning status with her pre marketing plan:

Create a vision board

As simple as it sounds, this worked for both Jeanette and the Big Drive runner-up, Marc P Summers. By placing images of success and the big prize on a vision board, they had a constant reminder of what it was that they were working towards. This can inspire and motivate you and your team.

Affirmation emails

Pre marketing plan prep is helpful.

Daily reminders of your aspirations; what better way to keep your goal top of mind? This will be a way to keep you and your team on track and focused on reaching your goals, but not in a “hit the numbers” kind of way.  Allow yourself to be inspired.

Sales thermometer

Create a visual that shows your progress toward your goal. While it doesn’t have to be a thermometer, make sure your visual is in a high visibility area that gets a decent amount of traffic in your place of business. This is a constant reminder to you and your team as to your progress.

Target an industry

Be specific in who you target so that you can personalize messages and speak directly to that niche area’s needs. You’ll be able to serve customers better if you are well versed in the needs of that industry and you’ll be able to create more custom content.

Have a plan for success

Plan for achieving your goal and don’t get caught off guard. Being reactive to your success can actually contribute to potential failure, so by having a set process or approach in mind, you can remedy problems before they even occur. This will aid you in preparing your own small business marketing plan. By having a marketing plan for your business, you're planning to let your small business thrive, but you need to insure you're equipping yourself and your employees to do the same.  Make goals highly visible, encourage a positive environment and be sure you're prepared to target a specific market.        

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