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Advanced Guide to Social Media Revenue (Part 3)


See Part 1 and Part 2 of this series.

Once you've targeted and automated your Facebook social marketing, you can actually spend a lot less time looking at analytics than you already do and grow your sales while being more productive. Yes, it’s possible.

Social marketing is a business multiplier

Bill Gates said that technology helps a profitable company make more profits, while it amplifies losses when there's inefficiency.

Social media is the same thing: if your basic mechanics are wrong, no amount of wizardry will make up for it. So if you've got your plumbing set up properly and then implement the three marketing triangles in the framework, then you're rooted in fundamental principles of marketing that you know the social networks will abide to:

  • They'll continue to grow their targeting databases, allowing you to improve your audience targets and conversion rates.
  • They'll provide automatic tools where you input your GCT, allowing their algorithms to seek profit for you. LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Apple haven't gotten there yet, but Facebook and Google mostly have.
  • You're using the AEC funnel to guide customers down the buying cycle. And the psychology of buying won't ever change, even with wearables and implantables. You'll still need to reach people, collect their information and convince them to buy (audience, engagement, conversion). Facebook calls these custom audiences, while Twitter calls them tailored audiences. 
  • You're regularly tuning your campaigns, paid or organic, as your products, marketing messages, and customer base shifts. Because you're uniting your goals, content, and audiences (GCT) as one, anything you learn in one channel, you reapply in another. 

Marketing is moving to remarketing sequences, whether it’s email marketing (the current state of marketing automation), social marketing (same as email, but following you around in social), web remarketing (following you around on the web) or app remarketing (you might have to build a mobile app someday or use one from a third party). 

So the channels themselves won't matter anymore if you're a business owner. The technology behind them is converging such that you're using them generically as remarketing vehicles, reallocating your content, time and dollars based on the highest marginal ROI. This spells the death of the channel-specific experts, gurus or marketers. 

This is just a fancy way of saying that word of mouth marketing is now public. What people say about your company in social channels is now your marketing, not what you say. So if it's good, amplify it.  

If you don't have a clear vision, figure that out first. Low quality content hurts your brand, even if it isn’t yours. Social is a pay-to-play game now. Because we can readily identify influencers by their job title, workplace and relationship to us, we can use ads to amplify organic recommendations from our top fans.

A Final Checklist


  • Calculate the value of a visitor from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Google, then mapped the cost per visit against the revenue per visit.
  • Unite your marketing channels so you can reach customers and potential customers wherever they are whatever their latest channels? Quantify the audience sizes and leakage in your current marketing efforts.
  • Map out your funnel into audience, engagement and conversion segments to see where the opportunities are.
  • Figure out how much more revenue you could drive if you could identify your top fans in one channel that are not in another. 


  • Actively source and generate fan feedback and reviews on all channels
  • Identify, grouped by persona, who your top fans are as opposed to who your noisiest fans are.
  • Know which pieces of content resonate best with each of your customer segments by product and seasonality.


  • What is the overlap between your email and social audiences? 
  • Do you have retargeting and conversion pixels set across all properties that you own or have a presence on?
  • Are you using marketing automation to set specific sequences of content and offer delivery based on your customer funnel segmentation? 

This three-part framework will be rock solid no matter how often social networks, search engines and email providers change. Now you can cut out 80 percent of that busy work which has been wasting your time while focusing on the core elements that will always faithfully deliver results for your business.

Simplification eliminates fear

Take something complex and break it into little pieces.

Marketing automation, like Infusionsoft, is how to take these little pieces and tie them together to hit the goals-- awareness, leads, and sales.

Little steps, especially automated, will guide people down the funnel  of audience, engagement, conversion.

Alex Houg is the co-founder and CEO of Portage. He is an expert in Facebook advertising, social analytics, content marketing, and search engine optimization. His clients include the Golden State Warriors, Rosetta Stone, and Jack Daniels. He has been called the young Steve Jobs, selling his first business at the age of 15. He loves Infusionsoft, small businesses, and entrepreneurshipAlex writes for AdWeek, Inside Facebook, and Social Fresh. His textbook, Facebook Nation, is being taught at 469 universities. He has been featured in USA Today, Forbes, and Search Engine Journal. He is an Eagle Scout and has a passion to teach. You can reach out to him at [email protected]his blog or on Facebook.


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