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7 Facebook Ad Examples for Irresistible Lead Magnets

Sometimes, having a great product isn’t enough to get new customers. In many industries, multiple services compete for the attention of similar target audiences.

To catch your prospects’ attention and turn them into loyal customers, you’ll need an irresistible lead magnet. This could be a landing page with a stellar value offer or a high-quality e-book waiting to be downloaded in exchange for a prospect’s email.

But how will people find your lead magnet?

There are many options, from SEO to referral marketing. If you’re looking for quick results without committing a huge budget, set up a Facebook Ads campaign. There are two options using Facebook for a lead magnet:

  • Using a Facebook Ad to send a user to a landing page
  • Using a Facebook Lead Ad to keep the user on Facebook

In our experience, Facebook Lead Ads are the most cost-effective way to capture new leads, but you should always test which one works best for your business! With Facebook Lead Ads, the magic lies in the fact that users don’t have to leave Facebook to submit their contact information.

If you haven’t conducted a Facebook lead magnet campaign before, now’s the time to get started. Up next, you’ll find seven Facebook Ads examples that have nailed the lead capturing best practices.


How to Create Lead Magnets: A Step-by-Step Guide

Lead magnets are a great way to capture the information you need from potential customers....

1. LinkedIn: Offer a free guide or e-book 


LinkedIn’s Facebook Lead Ad promotes a free guide on rethinking the B2B buyer’s journey. Notice the “Download” button in the right corner of the ad–if a prospect’s interested in the guide, they can download it without leaving Facebook (that’s right—a Facebook Lead Ad!).

Usually, people are asked for their names and email addresses in exchange for downloadable content. With Facebook Lead Ads, this information is already filled in, and all they need to do is agree to share their contact details with your brand.

LinkedIn’s ad mentions the fact that they’re giving the e-book away for free. After they’ve caught people’s attention with an irresistible value offer, they offer a brief explanation how the guide will help the reader.

When creating lead magnet ads to capture your prospects’ contact information, ensure that your offer is highly relevant. People are interested in high-quality content that helps them to achieve more.

2. Buffer: Drive more traffic to your landing page


Similarly to the previous example, Buffer’s Facebook ad offers a guide as well. But the ad type they’re using isn’t a Facebook Lead Ad. It’s a regular Facebook ad campaign that can be set up in a few minutes.

As people click on Buffer’s Facebook ad, they’ll be conducted to a landing page where they can download the guide. 

So which one works best: Facebook Lead Ads or a lead capturing campaign with landing pages?

According to an A/B test made by AdEspresso, Lead Ads are more likely to win on mobile, while Landing Pages function better on Desktop.

LinkedIn’s ad follows multiple best practices:

  • The use of action verbs (Download Now) helps to drive people to take action
  • Branded light blue color is easy to notice in the Facebook News Feed, making the ad more visible
  • The ad copy is kept short for higher clarity

3. Shopify: Ask a question to catch attention


What’s the first thing that caught your attention when seeing Shopify’s Facebook ad? If you’re like most people, it’s the ad image with a question.

Asking questions in your Facebook ads will make people curious about the offer, leading to higher click-thru rate and more leads 

Shopify’s ad uses the call-to-action “Sign Up” to only attract leads interested in signing up. While using the “Sign Up” CTA may scare away some people, the people who do click are more likely to become a customer. 

When creating a Facebook campaign, you can set up an A/B test to compare the performance of different ad elements.

How will people find your lead magnet? Consider Facebook Ads


4. Asana: Offer a solution to a problem


Asana’s ad text reads: “Say goodbye to email, calendars, notepads, and sticky notes.” Showing people that you understand potential pain points turns your brand into a friend more than a sales machine. 

As people click on the ad, they’ll be conducted to Asana’s landing page with the lead magnet—a free trial period.

Asana’s Facebook ad follows several best practices that make it the perfect lead capturing machine:

  • It is straightforward and clear
  • It states a problem and offers a solution
  • It uses highly contrasting colors that catch the eye
  • It repeats the same message “Sign Up” twice, making it more prominent

5. AdEspresso: Be crystal clear about your offer 


AdEspresso has created a Facebook Lead Ads campaign offering an e-book. The ad text uses urgency (words like “Download Now”) to make people download the e-book.

Using an explanation (free e-book) right at the beginning of the ad copy helps people to instantly understand what the ad is about. 

The reason that makes ebooks and guides the perfect lead magnet is that they’re a low-threat offer. Instead of asking people to become a paying customer, brands share invaluable advice with no strings attached. 

As someone downloads your ebook and enters your lead nurturing cycle, you’ll get the opportunity to build trust and interest over time. As a result, many people who weren’t particularly interested in the first place will become your most loyal clients in the long term.

6. Shutterstock: Use creative carousel ads

shutterstock.pngShutterstock 2.png

Shutterstock has gone one step further from the regular Facebook ads. They’ve created a well-designed carousel ad that looks amazing while showcasing their product—a photo editing application.

Facebook carousel ads are an excellent technique for telling a story about your service or product. You can promote up to 10 images with various captions. This could be used to advertise multiple products, benefits, or features.

Making an extra effort to create a Facebook ad that’s memorable or even funny guarantees that people will like and share the ad. This way, your pay-per-click ad could be shared among friends, leading to more landing page traffic and leads.

7. The New York Times: Offer something almost for free 

New York Times.png

How to get people to sign up for your product without giving it away for free? Give it away for almost free.

The New York Times offers an unlimited four-week access to its articles for a mere $0.99. Compared to their regular subscription fee, it’s nearly a 90 percent discount.

Notice that the New York Times isn’t offering a 100 percent free trial subscription. There’s a good reason for it—if you give something away for free, people attach a lot less value to it. 

By asking people to pay a tiny sum in exchange for your lead magnet, you’ll get a committed audience with a huge potential for upselling. 


Using Facebook Ads to promote your lead magnets is a great tactic for amplifying your brand’s reach, growing your website traffic, and entering more prospects into your sales funnel.

Before you create a Facebook campaign to promote your lead magnet, think how you’re going to manage the new leads. 

If you’re using Infusionsoft to capture and manage your leads, you can set up your Facebook Lead Ads with AdEspresso. This way, all your new leads will be synced between the two tools, and you can immediately follow up on the leads acquired through a Facebook Lead Ads campaign.

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Karola Karlson is a regular contributor to AdEspresso blog, the best resource for learning about Facebook Ads. She’s all about random cool ideas, growth marketing, and taking new marketing approaches on a test drive. And boy does she love conversion copywriting or any writing for that matter (ask anyone who’s worked with her). Want to collaborate with Karola? Find her on Twitter

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