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8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Events for Your Small Business

Have you ever considered running events to grow your business? Perhaps you’ve thought about hosting an information night, a sales webinar, or a workshop for your existing clients. 

Events might seem like a lot of work—preparing slides/content, organizing a venue, figuring out webinar technology, creating a registration page, promoting the event, writing the email copy... and the list goes on and on. 

So, why would you even bother?

We have seen this time and time again, events can transform your business, primarily for the following reasons: 

1. Leverage

Events make it possible for you to speak with multiple people at the same time. Consider having to do individual sales calls with 50 prospects? How much time would that take? Imagine putting on a sales webinar for those 50 leads to help qualify and sell. Events are a powerful way to leverage your valuable time more effectively.

2. Increase leads

Events create an opportunity to generate and capture more prospects in your database. Free and low cost online and offline events are particularly useful in increasing leads for your business.

3. Add value and increase loyalty

Events done right add value to the audience and help create loyalty among your followers. Your prospects, and past and current customers are more likely to buy from you if you’ve added value. Plus, you may create more raving fans who are willing to share and promote your business to their friends/colleagues. 

4. Generate more sales

Events are a useful way to sell your products or services. Many speakers sell from stage/online, in a break at an event, from a booth, or schedule calls/follow-ups after the event. This generates additional sales for your bottom line.

5. Create a new revenue stream

Events can boost your income further through creating new paid events for your existing clients or tapping into a new market. Your existing target market may already be asking or waiting for you to make an event for them—it might be time to ask. This can be a great method of leveraging your time with a new offering in a one-to-many setting. Also, you can monetize a new market that you have been unable to serve before. Many businesses do one-on-one work, which isn’t a fit for everyone. This allows businesses to potentially run events for prospects they previously had to turn away, ultimately creating a new source of income.

6. Position you as an expert

By putting you or someone on your team in the spotlight elevates you ahead of your competitors. Presenting at events creates unspoken credibility and authority in the mind of the audience. This will give you an additional proof that you are an expert. 

7. Open doors

Who knows who might be at an event or see an advertisement or collateral for your next event. We’ve seen this happen ourselves, that sharing an event on social media has been seen by the right people, which has led to opportunities to get in front of thousands of additional prospects.

8. Make a bigger impact

For many business owners, their business is a platform to contribute to a bigger mission and purpose in the world. Events allow you to scale faster by leveraging your time to touch and impact the lives of many.

Next steps for event success

Now that you have the reasons to consider events for your small business, start looking into implementing them and hosting events. You can start small by participating in events, like securing a booth or a speaking gig, then branch out into hosting your own events, online or offline.

Happy eventing! 

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Mandy Brasser is an Infusionsoft Certified Partner and founder of Streamline For Success. She specializes in helping overworked coaches, consultants and speakers leverage the power of events and automation. This allows more business owners to save time and convert more sales so they can focus on what they do best and make a bigger impact in the world.

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