03.07.20162 min read

Opt-in Email: Managing Preferences and Providing Value

By Madison Jacobs

Part 3 of the "Best Practices for Permission-Based Email Marketing" series

Great! You've made it to part three in a series of posts covering the best practices for opt-in email marketing. In the second post of the series, I talked about how to maintain permissions with your list over time and how to set expectations for your subscribers. In today’s post, I will cover two best practices for permission-based email marketing: the importance of allowing preference management and how to provide value in every email.

Managing preferences

You always want to let your subscribers choose how often they receive emails from you. Also, you want to give them the ability to choose what type of content they want to receive. You want to show your subscribers that you value their time and their interests and most importantly, their inbox. By giving those who receive your content control over how often they receive it and what they receive, you dramatically reduce your chances for spam complaints. Remember, just because you are using an opt-in email structure does not guarantee you won’t have any spam complaints. So, the more control you give to your subscribers, the less spam you send. It’s a win-win. Through most email providers, you can place a link in all of the emails you send that guides subscribers to an area where they can select what emails they want to receive and which emails they don’t.

Providing value

Permission does not last forever. In fact, it must be earned with every communication. So, even if you have established a good email relationship and allow your subscribers to manage their preferences, you still have work to do. In order to stay welcome in the inbox, you need to make sure that all of the messages your subscribers have indicated they want to receive are interesting and timely. Make sure your subject lines are relevant to what is in the body of the email. Also, highlight things that are time sensitive in your emails to stand out from other content. And, always let your subscribers know when you will be touching base with them again. Allow your subscribers to manage their preferences and providing value you in every email are two very important parts of permission-based email marketing. In part four of this series, I will talk about why and how you give your email subscribers the option to opt out. 

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