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How to Segment Email Lists to Increase Sales

Your email list is a veritable pot of gold, and now that we’ve talked about how to get your list ready for cashing in on repeat sales, now its time to segment email lists.  The next step in the funnel is to identify the types of customers we have and make an offering to them. In order to do this, we need to build personas.

You might be asking, why is it important to create buyer personas? Establishing buyer personas for your business is important so you can segment your audience and create stronger marketing campaigns that each segment will respond to.

Step 1: Format your buyer persona research in a compelling way

When we uploaded our list to FullContact, they appended additional information, company names being one of them. With this information we can group our list of customers by industry, for example your list may break down into real estate agents, attorneys and dentists. Once you have your customers identified, here are six tips to create the perfect message for them.

1.    Goals – What are your customers’ primary and secondary goals and how can you help solve them?

2.    Challenges – What challenges do the people on your list regularly face?

3.    Take action – What can you do to help your customer achieve their goal and overcome their challenges?

4.    Common objections – Why wouldn’t they buy your product/service? You can show social proofs and testimonials to help mitigate perceived risk.

5.    Marketing message – How should you describe your solution to your customer? Since you’ve segmented them, you an tailor your language and pain points to their industry.

6.    Elevator pitch – Sell your customer on your solution and how it will save them time, money and cost, again using language and topics specific to their segment

You can use this message to craft your email and for the sales page they arrive on. Which brings us to our next step, creating different mousetraps for your customers.

Step 2: Set up your mousetraps

To really take advantage of segmenting and converting your list of customers, you need to build a sales page per customer group you have. So for our example, we would need three pages in total, one sales page each. for real estate agents, attorneys and dentists.

To create sales pages I recommend Convrrt (where, full disclosure, I am a co-founder). Convrrt allows you to create “Smart Sites” that respond and adapt to how your customers interact with your page, and they have pre made Smart Sites that match your business goals ready to be launched. 

When it comes to choosing a Smart Site, you need to understand what your business offering is. Are you trying to sell an ebook, generate new leads, promote a new product or pre sell a product? Once you’ve identified your offer, you can select a Smart Site that fits your business goal.

Infusionsoft segment email list increase sales convrrt

Step 3: Piece it together

Now that we understand the types of customer groups we have and our product offering to them, it’s time to put everything together. Start by going into your email broadcasting tool and setting up each of your emails. If you’re using Infusionsoft, you’ll see the following screen:

Infusionsoft segment email list increase sales convrrt

*Pro tip – I’ve seen “Hi [FirstName]” work really well as a subject line for the first email. I also recommend doing plan HTML on the first one to make it look more personal.

For each of the emails, make sure to map the call to action button or text with a link to the Smart Site. In this example we should have three emails with their own unique message that have a link to its appropriate Smart Site. 

This will allow you to track the number of emails that were sent out, who opened them and who opted in for your offer. When your customer receives your email, they will feel you are talking to them because you took the time to identify who they are, what they want and how you can help them out.

There you have it. We gathered our pot of gold, gave it a good rinse and cashed them in. In my next blog I will teach you how to drive targeted traffic and how to optimize your messaging to increase conversion rates. 

Bonus: Campaign of the Month

Speaking of email lists - this month's Campaign of the Month allows you to reactivate dormant contacts and identify who still wants to receive emails from you and stay on your list. Check out the video and the campaign on our Marketplace!

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Infusionsoft increase sales email list kavin patel convrrt

Kavin Patel is a co-founder at Convrrt and a inventor of Smart Sites. Smart Sites respond and adapt to what your visitors do and how they behave. Kavin has more than 10 years of digital marketing experience and is an expert when it comes to marketing automation. Say hi @omazingk

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