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Do This, Not That: Welcome Emails

by Grady Kerr

Your potential customer has a pain they are trying to solve. Your customers are just like you... when they need an answer, they go to Google. They enter their query, your website comes up, they visit, and find your lead magnet that addresses their pain.

Once your potential customer gives you their information in exchange for your lead magnet, what happens next? Smart marketers send a perfect welcome email.

I am going to give you seven helpful do's and don'ts to help you enhance your welcome emails.

You will be able to: 

  • Increase your brand integrity by delivering what you promise 
  • Create more interactions with prospects
  • Close sales as you easily identify interested prospects 

Would you like to do that? Great, let’s begin.

1. Do set proper expectations

As part of your lead capture process, you should clearly define what prospects will be getting in exchange for their information. If your prospect accepts your offer for an ebook, that does not automatically give you license to email them your newsletter every day. It sounds aggressive, but it happens.

It can be a good practice to have a lead magnet be an email series. If you set the expectation that you are delivering a daily email series for seven days on a topic, they will be grateful to get your daily email series on that topic. If you don’t, they’ll be annoyed at best and unsubscribe at worst.

2. Don’t forget to deliver

I had a client that offered a checklist on how to build a blog in 30 days. As I talked her through her customer process I asked how she delivered the checklist once someone opted in for it. She answered with silence. She wasn’t delivering the free checklist she was offering.

The expectations you set are not just a standard for what you shouldn’t do, they are the expectations for what you should. If someone signs up for your weekly email on SEO news, make sure you deliver it as promised. Be honest with yourself. If a weekly email isn’t feasible, then re-word your offer. Make sure you have the capacity to deliver what you are offering.

3. Do give them a welcome surprise

When someone subscribes to your list, you want to over deliver on their expectations. Now that you have their attention, it is time to WOW them! Delivering on what your potential customer asks for is good; over-delivering is great.

When your prospect opted in on your website, it is a safe bet that your lead magnet wasn’t the complete solution to their pain. If they haven’t bought yet, offer them something that will get them closer to relief. Maybe it is an enhanced version of your checklist, another chapter of your e-book, or promo code for your product that they will love.

4. Don’t talk about yourself

We all know someone who likes to dominate the conversation. They wait for a break in the conversation so they can tell you all about how great they are. Don’t be that kind of company.

Don’t just talk about what your product can do, talk specifically about what your product can do for them. Share how you understand their pain. They have a need that you can remedy. Let them know how you can help them solve it and how they will benefit.

5. Do give them a call-to-action

When people say “yes” to the small things over and over, they are conditioned to be more likely to say “yes” to the big things. Make sure your communications always have some sort of call to action.

Your call-to-action should be something they can do to solve their pain. For example, if you want a customer to download your lead magnet, you may use something like, “Click to read more on a topic,” or it can even be a simple question about their pain that they can respond to. If they keep following your calls-to-action, you are identifying that they have an unsolved problem and they think you can help them solve it. Each click of a call-to-action should tell you something new about your customer that will influence the way that you market to them in the future.

6. Don’t ask for the sale...

Offer it. When someone is repeatedly coming to you to fix their problem, help them. I had a client that would use a lead score to gauge how much pain her prospects were in. When they reached a certain score, she would automate a communication that would say, “It looks like you are still struggling with your issue. I’d love you help you personally. Click here to scheduling a coaching session.”

No only did customers schedule, they thanked her for the opportunity. That is because she was selling as a service. She knew that she had the capacity to help her customers solve their problems. She also knew that the best way to help them was with the unique service that only she could provide.

7. Do carefully craft your welcome emails

The first few emails you send to a new prospect are critical. When you have a stellar welcome process your potential customers identify you as an authority in your field. They will come to you for answers, and happily pay you to provide them.

Be brief in your communications and make sure your message is aligned with their needs. Make them feel special like they are part of something exclusive, and you sent these emails just to them.

Now that you know some basic do’s and don’ts it is time to get to work. If your welcome email process in need of an overhaul, check out our e-book, “The Perfect Welcome Email.” It will show you how to introduce new email subscribers to your business—and make them a customer.

The Perfect Welcome Email: How to Introduce New Email Subscribers to Your Business - Download Now

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Grady Kerr has been in training and development for nearly 10 years. Seven of that was spent managing his own small business. He currently uses that expertise in coaching new Infusionsoft clients on business strategies and getting started in the software.


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