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3 Steps to Become the Wizard of Email Remarketing

by Pamela Wagner

You probably have a good email following, but you are not fully capitalizing on it. You have a good product and your buyers are, in general, happy. It is something that makes their lives better and easier. And who doesn’t want that?

However, it’s not always easy to reach customers—especially with the variety of devices, choice, and information available. Navigating the jungle of digital marketing alone is already hard enough. Besides, there’s a ton of data out there saying you should do this and that. But what is really relevant for you? The figure I found mostly true and applicable to pretty much all of my clients is that only 2 percent of people visiting your website will ever buy something on their first visit. What are you doing about the remaining 98 percent? It would be a pity to let that potential revenue go.

1. Your why

Sounds basic, I know. Although for most companies, you’ll hear the following answer: increase revenue.

Sure, but what is your purpose? Why would you turn email followers into eager buyers?Why would people need your product in their life?

Be very clear on the following:

  • What do you want to achieve? If you notice that you have a lot of email subscribers but they don’t take much action, it might be time to re-engage them. Do you want your users to buy into a new upgrade? Do you want your customers to purchase a different product that is the latest must-have in the industry?
  • Write down one goal. Knowing your WHY will also help you to tailor your ads more specifically to your customers. If you talk their language, chances are much higher they will buy from you. These people already know about your product, they are familiar with it and know it’s features. Adjust your ad text for that situation.

2. Your how

Setting up a remarketing campaign is already hustle enough. But an email + remarketing campaign?

No worries, I got you.

It’s not as difficult as it sounds, just the first set up should be done well. Here’s the steps to it:

  • Create a list from the emails you have. Ideally, you separate customers according to whether they already bought something or not. This way, targeting will be more efficient. To create this list, it is best to follow this article from Google. Now, this point will take you the most time out of the four points mentioned here. Get it done first. Procrastination shouldn’t be your friend.
  • Create a “Search Network Only” campaign in Google Adwords.
  • Create one ad group for each email list that you’re aiming to target. This way you ensure that the best fitting ads are shown to each list.
  • Tailor the ads and keywords to the customers in your email list.

3. Your what 

Yes, decisions are hard to make, and no, nobody is really keen on them. However, when you clearly focus on the benefits they’ll get you, they’ll be easier to make. What goal do you want to drive? What ads will help you achieve that best?

  • You might want to consider single day email campaigns or campaigns that only run for a couple of days because your offer is limited or you’re launching in a certain period of time. (Hint: include countdowns in your ad.)
  • Drive a new product or upsell. You just launched and want your followers to be better aware of your amazing new creation.
  • You have a very good base of first time buyers but probably want to go to the next level. Use email remarketing to solidly drive your revenue and turn your base customers into raving fans.

In general, only customers that are signed in to their accounts on Gmail, YouTube, and Google Search see your ads. These people usually already know about your product, they are familiar with it, and know its features. Adjust your ad text for that situation. Think about in what emotional moment you could catch them and tailor your message accordingly. Email remarketing campaigns are ideal to catch customers at different lead or buying stages of your company. Got a new great product coming out? Launching a new webinar soon? Have a feature upgrade? Let them know. Get that one step ahead of your competitors and show your presence.

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Pamela is passionate about delivering digital marketing strategies that push SMEs forward. She is taking care of clients in 21 time zones, from San Francisco to Auckland. Besides having worked at Google, her professional experience spans the entire globe. Being an inspiration to many young people, she also frequently contributes to Gulf Elite Magazine. Continuously challenging herself, Pamela climbed Mount Kilimanjaro at age 22 and travelled to nearly 60 countries at age 23.

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