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Direct Mail Strategies for Small Business

Is direct mail dead in the digital age? You may be surprised to learn that no, it’s not, and that actually direct mail can be an excellent tool for marketing and integrates easily with marketing automation campaigns.

Travis Lee, cofounder and president of 3D Mail, was our guest on Ignition and shared his direct mail strategies for small businesses. 

In a world of technological gadgets and apps that do just about everything, direct mail is even more effective because of our technological overwhelm. Travis advises that direct mail can help you enter the conversation in a different way to get eyeballs on what you want people to read.

Direct mail is a versatile medium – a postcard, a letter, or fun stuff like a bank bag or a message in a bottle are all pieces of direct mail that get attention and stand out.  Direct mail can also help you get in front of high-level decision makers and elite, since direct mail can help get the eyes of people who are barraged by email and phone calls.

Direct mail is great for lead generation marketing because as it turns out, people will respond to your direct mail’s call to action. But you also have to make sure direct mail is financially and strategically a good fit, so make sure that you know exactly who your target is, in detail, so that wen you do have those leads, you’re getting them the right way. And while direct mail might cost a bit more, it has as huge wow factor.

And just because direct mail is old school doesn’t mean you have to abandon your marketing automation – in fact, direct mail can be automated through third-party mail houses and companies like 3D Mail. Once you have that automated system set up, direct mail can happen in your sleep, just like an autoresponder. Plus, a direct mailing could be a key part of your online automated marketing plan, giving you the best of both worlds. 

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