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7 Essential WordPress Hacks For Small Businesses

by Jared Kimball

Have you ever seen something really cool on a WordPress site and wondered, “How did they do that?”

There are little known WordPress hacks that will help you do amazing things faster and smarter than ever before.

Consider this your go-to guide for some quick and dirty WordPress tips, tricks and hacks.

Little Known WordPress Hacks

  1. Customizing Your Dashboard
  2. The Focus Zone
  3. Setting Up For Success
  4. Podcasting and More
  5. Importing/Exporting Content
  6. What is a Permalink?
  7. Leverage Keyboard Shortcuts

Customizing your dashboard

When you first log in to WordPress you immediately see your dashboard.

Wordpress has made it easy for you to customize it, but not many people know how.

Up at the top of your dashboard you'll see Screen Options in the top right-hand side.

When you click the Screen Options button it will expand into all of your available options on that screen.

Uncheck anything you don’t want to see and check anything you do want to see.

Another cool dashboard hack: You can easily drag the boxes around in any order you like, just grab the dashboard item’s title bar and drag it. Easy peasy.

The Screen Options menu doesn’t just apply to the Dashboard, it also applies to other areas in WordPress. Next time you’re working on a “post” or “page,” select the Screen Options menu and check out the different options available.

If you’re trying to disable comments for one post and you don’t see the option available, check out your Screen Options, because the disable comments option is  unchecked. I wasted almost 30 minutes one time trying to figure that out. 

You’re welcome.

The Focus Zone

When writing posts in WordPress sometimes it’s nice to hide all of the surrounding buttons, dashboards, menus and other distractions that prevent you from focusing on your content.

Enter Fullscreen Mode.

One click on that button strips away everything but the content, so you can focus and create your masterpiece.

Use it often, and watch your productivity soar.

Setting Up For Success

The Settings menu often gets ignored.

You can do so many cool yet simple things in the Settings menu.

For example, you can set your site’s default language to help Google know how to translate your site into other languages.

Select Settings > General> “Site Language”

In the drop down choose your site’s language and click Save. Now Google knows what language your site is targeting so visitors from other countries can easily use Google’s Translate tool to read your site.

Want to change your default “Category” to something else besides “Uncategorized”?

Visit Settings > Writing > Default Category

Choose another category as your default and forever eliminate your posts getting added to the Uncategorized category.

Do you get a lot of spam comments?

There’s a way you can filter out keywords in comments to help reduce the number of spam comments you get.

Grant Hutchinson has painstakingly compiled a list of more than 18,000 words you can easily upload into your WordPress Comment Blacklist area. Using his simple tutorial you can use Wordpress to help you find spammy comments and eliminate them.

Podcasting and More

Ever heard of Wordpress shortcodes?

Shortcodes are simple codes you can use to improve the look and function of different parts in your posts.

Wordpress has seven shortcodes you can start using today without downloading any additional plugins.

Interested in creating and sharing a podcast?

All you have to do is use the [audio] shortcode to host your latest audio recording of your podcast. No extra plugins required.

All you have to do is upload your audio file to your Media Library, copy the url and then you can use the [audio] shortcode right in your post to share it with the world.

It would look something like this:

[audio src="audio-source.mp3"]

Here’s a list of all seven shortcodes PLUS tutorials on exactly how to use them in your posts and pages:

Importing/exporting content

Are you switching to a new WordPress host or thinking about rebuilding your WordPress site, but you’re not sure how to transfer your existing content to your new site without hiring a web developer?

The good news is that WordPress gives you the ability to export all of your content through their “Export or Import” tools that built right in.

All you have to do is export your content from your old site and save it to your computer and then use the import tool on your new site to upload your content.

Who would’ve thought moving a website could be so simple? If you need extra help for your site you can read more here.

What is a permalink?

Do you want to prevent your website from having weird looking URLs that look like this?


NOTE: If your site is already well established then I’d recommend you ignore this section and seek a professional web developer to help you update your posts.

If you have a newer site (20 or less posts/pages) or you’re about to launch a brand new site, you should leverage “permalinks” in your Wordpress installation and make those ugly links look pretty.

Visit Settings > Permalinks > Select the “Post Name” option.

Now your URLs will look something like this:


For more in-depth help, refer to Wordpress's support site.

Leverage keyboard shortcuts

There are 37 keyboard shortcuts you can use in WordPress, but how in the world do you remember them all? 

And how can you find them quickly?

Thankfully Wordpress took all the guesswork out for us.

Next time you’re writing a post all you have to do is click on the “?” in your post editor to see the full list of all of the keyboard shortcuts.


Get familiar with using WordPress keyboard shortcuts so you can create and edit posts faster.

The road to WordPress mastery

Mastering WordPress takes time, but now you have some handy tricks and hacks you can start using right now.

Use these, test them, memorize them.

Can you think of other people who use WordPress on a regular basis?

Share this post with them if you found it useful.

Happy WordPressing!

Check out more WordPress tips and tricks.

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