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8 Must Reads to Up Your Marketing Game

Here at Infusionsoft, one of our core values is “Learn Always,” and we take that to heart. We’re always looking for the latest and greatest news and innovations that will help not only us, but our readers and small business owners and employees alike. With that in mind, we decided to round up our favorite articles we read in October and share them with the world—or at the very least, our readers. And yes, some of our favorite articles happen to be our own… Sometimes you should toot your own horn.


Digital Video Marketing Is A $135 Billion Industry In The U.S. Alone, Study Finds via Forbes

Ah, yeah...you need video marketing. Businesses are shifting where they focus their marketing tactics and that shift is moving to video. Why should you use video? Millennials are a huge market that happens to be the “first digitally native generation.”

millennials on phones.gif

The best part is, video doesn’t have to be expensive—you can get a video out the door with an iPhone and Facebook Live.

10 Brilliant Ways Non-Retail Businesses Can Celebrate Small Business Saturday via Small Business Trends

So, if you’re like me, Halloween kind of just snuck up on you. And now you’re left with the worst selection of candy and the panic that November starts tomorrow. Oops.

sad kid in costume.gif

With November comes holiday shopping and with holiday shopping comes Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday promotions. Yes, those focus on retail businesses. What’s that I hear? You’re not a retail business? This article is for you.

How AI is Helping Small Businesses Beat the Competition via Infusionsoft

Blade Runner” takes place in 2019—that is rapidly approaching.

blade runner.gif

While I don’t think we’re on the “Blade Runner”/evil android path, we are most definitely on a path of integrating more AI into our daily lives. You may not have even realized that the customer service rep you were talking to while buying shoes online was actually a bot. But that’s not a bad thing! Small businesses can tap into the power of AI to help ease everyday business pains.

You Must Go Offline to View This Page via Chris Bolin

Time for something a little fun and rejuvenating. Sometimes (and by sometimes I mean always) you need a break from the online bustle, but it’s hard when every device around you is buzzing and blinking. Thanks, Internet of Things. It’s so bad that getting something important done can feel like an impossible task. So, go to this page, turn your WiFi off, take a break, and get inspired to be more productive and less stressed.

Kill the “Big Idea.” Long Live Steve Martin! via AdAge

Full disclosure: Steve Martin is my hero and I clicked on this article because his name is in the headline. Literally no other reason.

steve martin.gif

All that being said, this article is about more than Mr. Martin. It challenges one to stop thinking of a “big idea” and focusing on what someone would want. Think about your customers, your clients, and their needs and you’ll get a lot more out of your work.

What Triggers the Best Word-of-Mouth Marketing? via Thrive Global

When was the last time you saw a commercial for the online shoe retailer Zappos? I don’t think I’ve ever seen one. But, everyone knows they have amazing customer service. How? Word-of-mouth. They care about their customers, and while they don’t promote that, their satisfied customers do. So, how can you make word-of-mouth marketing work for you? Find out from Jonah Berger, a marketing professor at the Wharton School of Business.

13 SEO Experts Share Useful Tips for Beginners via Search Engine Journal

SEO folks tend to be self-taught. Google doesn’t offer SEO courses or certification and it’s not something you see on college syllabi all that often. “But, SEO is so important!” you scream. Yes, it is. And that is why SEO experts are so quick to share their tips—chances are they got started with the help of an SEO expert before them.

Introducing New Landing Pages via Infusionsoft

landing pages.gif

Yup. Blatant self-promotion. But, the new landing page builder in the Infusionsoft app is really cool. If you’re a customer, you’re in for a treat! The drag-and-drop features are so easy to use, there is no HTML involved, and the finished product looks good. If you’re a customer, give it a go. If you’re not, consider signing up for a free trial or checking out the demo.

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