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How to Generate Leads With Video Marketing

You’ve probably heard that video is a great marketing tool. But at the end of the day, you really want to know just how your marketing video can actually generate leads? And what types of video do you actually need?

Chris Knowlton, vice president and streaming industry evangelist at Wowza Media Systems joined us to share strategies for just those questions.

You might think that despite the fact that video platforms like Periscope, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook LIVE, Snapchat, and tons of other services are all over the internet, video isn’t relevant, but its pervasiveness is what makes video so important for small business. Your prospects are watching and consuming those videos everywhere, and if you’re not there with your own video, chances are you’re not going to get in front of those prospects. 

Video: The versatile marketing tool you’ve been looking for

When you start using video for business, the possibilities really open up. The funny thing is, many small businesses miss out on video because they don’t realize how much potential there really is. 

  • It can be a one-on-one video chat tool
  • It can facilitate group conversations
  • Recruit people for your business
  • Train new customers on your product: video can give your customers a much more human experience than bland text documents
  • Video can also be a customer support tool for video chat or create tutorial videos to walk people through common issues or questions

It doesn’t have to be simply, “fire and forget,” that is, the traditional shoot-a-video-then-post-it-online concept is only one of the many ways to use video. 

Video can also bolster your marketing efforts

Whether it’s an on-demand asset that lives on YouTube or a live webinar that people attend like an event, video has a natural home in an online marketing strategy. Live events are particularly useful because they foster two-way communication, where people can submit questions that you answer in near-real time right on the video feed. That demonstrates to your audience in a meaningful way that you’re listening and are willing to help them achieve their goals.

Using video to generate leads

Video works wonders for moving your leads down the funnel to a sale, but to actually generate leads directly from a video, you’ve got to think of video as a conversation. You don’t can’t simply put up a video for people to watch. You’ll never hear from them again. You need to provide opportunities to continue that conversation. This will make them think, “Wow! That was interesting, It’s worth it for meto opt in.”

To learn more about generating leads with video, download the e-book “Using Video Marketing for Lead Generation.”

What’s perhaps even more encouraging is that you don’t have to spend a boatload to use video in order to start using video to generate leads. Video is much more within your reach than you may expect. Check out Video Marketing for Small Business: The Ultimate Guide for an in-depth look at how you can get started with video for your business.

How to make the video conversation work

First, you need to find out who is watching your videos.

Webinars are by far the best video content for getting to know your audience. That’s because people register with a name and email address to attend, and you can keep track of their engagement. You can follow up on the webinar by giving them access to live content where their questions are answered in near-real time. Then you can continue your follow up with a tailored marketing campaign that ties in relevant promotions.

How to get started with video marketing

If you’re wondering what sort of equipment you need to pull this off well, first take a step back. 

Knowlton says the absolute most important thing is to have a compelling topic. You have to be answering a question people are interested in and that your customers or prospects are asking about. 

Think about all the questions that your friends ask you at parties or that you get on cold calls. For instance, what are the first three objections you encounter? It could be questions like:

  • How will your product help my business?

  • How does your product work and how will it work with the systems I currently have?

Put together one or two questions and build a webinar or video around that. Try to make it a short topic, especially if you’re doing an on-demand video. 

Only then do you want to think about technology. You don’t need to spend a lot: you can use tools that are readily available, like your smartphone or tablet.

Knowlton does suggest investing $100 or $200 in a decent microphone. Perhaps a lapel or shotgun type microphone, both of which will provide audio superior to what your phone, or even a standard video camera, would capture. 

With video, lighting is everything. You should consider one or two lights—LED panels are inexpensive and work just fine—to help you look more professional and get rid of shadows. Trade secret: good lighting makes a video look professional, but bad lighting appears amateur.   

Finally, be sure to have a simple, clean background—no bedroom with clothes draped over the chair—you want people to focus on your message, not your surroundings, and to listen to the message you’re delivering.

To learn more about building out your own affordable video studio, check out our free guide “Video Marketing for Small Business: The Ultimate Guide”.

Once you have the equipment and the set up ready to go, you’ll discover a ton of ways to incorporate videos for your business.  


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