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How to Collect Leads through a Giveaway Contest

Are you in need of a fresh surge of targeted leads for your business? Is your business relatively new? Are you looking for a quick way to build your email list?

These are all fantastic reasons to consider doing a targeted, lead-generating giveaway to attract more leads into your business.

Notice that I didn’t just say “giveaway,” I said “lead-generating giveaway.” And that’s because some giveaways are focused on social media vanity metrics (likes, shares, comments, etc) and not enough on a lead (name, email, phone number, etc). While the social vanity metrics are nice to have, they’re not the goal—the lead is the goal.

Personally, I’ve run or consulted on 200-plus lead-generation giveaways, mainly promoted through Facebook.


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I’m going to give you my six-step process for running a giveaway that attracts your target audience and weeds out the rest.

Step 1: Define your ideal customer

This step is huge as it will dictate how you do each subsequent step. You need get super clear on who your target customer is for this giveaway. Who will ultimately buy your product or service?

To help, you can answer these questions about them:

  1. How old are they?
  2. Where do they live?
  3. Are they male or female?
  4. What books, magazines, or blogs do they read?
  5. What do they do for fun?
  6. What are their problems, pains, and issues?
  7. What are their goals, hopes, and dreams?

If you’ve already done this work on defining the target audience for your business, then use that. Take some time to get crystal clear on this—it’s crucial.

Step 2: Define your goal for after they enter

This one is pretty straight forward but not everyone thinks about this early enough. The giveaway is how your leads enter your funnel and in this step, you’ll want to get clear on what you want them to do at the end of your funnel.

Most of the time, the goal will be to sell your product or service, increase attendance at your event, or drive towards some sort of purchase. Or maybe you want them to donate to a cause or give you referrals.

If you have multiple products or services, try to get clear on just one for this step. It will help you be more efficient throughout the rest of the creation process.

Step 3: Choose a prize that will attract your ideal customer

The prize you offer will dictate the quality of your leads. Read that again. The prize you choose can make or break your giveaway.

Key: Targeted or universal prize

An example of a targeted prize is a local yoga studio that gives away a free 90-day pass to their location. It’s inherently targeted to people interested in yoga who live close enough to become members of their studio.

An example of a universal prize is an iPad or a car. Everyone loves iPads and cars. They’re inherently universal.

In a nutshell, Targeted Prize = Targeted Leads. Universal Prize = Generic Leads.

Key: Attract your ideal customer and weed out the rest

As a small business owner, you want to choose a prize that attracts your ideal customer and weeds out the rest. The yoga studio is a perfect example of this. Only people who are interested in yoga will enter that giveaway, and that’s a good thing; those are the best leads for a yoga studio.

If you’re a business coach or consultant, don’t give away a gift card to a local restaurant or a free vacation. Those are things that everyone wants, so they’re not going to weed out the people who aren’t business owners. Instead, give away a bundle of business books or a free ticket to a business conference or seminar.

Key: Make it valuable!

In order to be enticing, the prize needs to be valuable but not necessarily expensive. Think of things that your ideal customer is already buying. Or maybe something that’s scarce like tickets to a concert, local sporting event, or a popular movie on opening night (which, by the way, are great prizes for local businesses).

Step 4: Create the giveaway lead capture page

Every lead capture giveaway needs to have its own unique landing page or squeeze page where your ideal customer will enter to win. It can be hosted on your website or somewhere else so long as the giveaway is the only focus of the page.


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To make it easier on yourself, try one of these software options to host the giveaway directly on your site without having to build it yourself from scratch: Contest Domination or King Sumo Giveaways.

Whichever option you choose, make sure your page contains:

  1. A clear title that mentions the prize
  2. Two to three features and benefits of the prize
  3. How to enter
  4. When the winner will be selected
  5. Social Media sharing buttons

Step 5: Launch and promote it

Once your giveaway is launched, it’s time to get some eyeballs on it. If you have an email list, no matter how small, share it with them and really encourage them to share it with their friends. If you’re worried about current or past customers winning, just include an additional prize in the giveaway for them.

If you don’t have an email list, promote it on all your social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc. And to really light your giveaway on fire, promote it using Facebook and/or Instagram Ads. This is by far the best way to get new people to enter the giveaway because you can put it in front of people who match your ideal customer profile to a T.


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Step 6: Follow up with all the entrants

This part is the secret to turning the giveaway entrants into paying customers that most businesses don’t do after their giveaways. Since sales are sort of the whole point of doing the giveaway in the first place, let’s talk about how to do it.

When the giveaway is over, send an email to the entire list of entrants to announce the winner and announce a special, limited-time offer on your product or service to the other entrants as a “thank you for entering” consolation prize.

This is an “entrants only” offer and must be time sensitive. Ideally, it would only be valid for 72 hours or so. This way it really forces people to take action.

Besides the initial email, you can remind them three to five more times via email or text. If it’s a good enough offer, people will be glad you’re following-up with them, and you’ll increase sales even more.

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Taylor Howe is the founder and chief digital strategist at BoostMyFunnel, a company that helps small businesses generate leads and create better sales funnels. He and his team have implemented and consulted on lead generation, sales funnels, and copywriting for 250-plus small businesses and counting. He's also a former Infusionite (of four-and-a-half years) turned Infusionsoft Certified Partner. When he's not building sales funnels, you can find him chowing down on queso or crafting the perfect Spotify playlist.

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