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Effective Landing Pages: 5 Valuable Optimization Tips

Getting your email marketing campaigns dialed in is hard work. Chances are you’ve spent a lot of time and resources on your in-bound efforts, spilling a lot of proverbial blood, sweat and tears to get that coveted click through. 

So, when it comes to your opt-in landing page, doesn’t it make just as much sense to work hard to get it right? This is your chance to make that close, to get them to sign on the line which is dotted. (You know, the only thing that counts in this world). 


Ok, so maybe closing isn’t the only thing that counts in this world, but we can all agree that it’s the only thing that counts in the world of marketing. It is, after all, why you’re playing the game. 

There’s a lot that goes into making effective landing pages. We reached out to our own Brooke Bennett, a paid search specialist here at Infusionsoft, and got a few off-the-beaten-path tips that you may have missed on how to build a hard-working opt-in page that will convert—and make all that hard work you’ve put in worth it.

Be a problem solver 

Your prospects aren’t thinking in general terms about their business challenges. Nope. They have very specific problems they’re trying to solve. The more you can demonstrate that you know the pain they’re going through—and that you have the answer they’re looking for—the more cha-ching you’ll hear. 

What does this mean in practice? It means leading with a value proposition, not a product. 

Take for instance Instapaper’s beautifully minimalist above the fold messaging: “Save Anything. Read Anywhere.” 


It’s simple, direct, and tells me how the product solves a very specific problem: how to manage my information overload. Only after framing the value proposition does Instapaper get into what the product does and it’s feature set.

Get personal

The statistics are in: Companies that personalize content win the conversion game. As Adobe reports, “Leaders in this digital transformation [of personalization] are reaping unparalleled benefits, winding up 26 percent more profitable overall, with a 12 percent greater market capitalization.” 

Utilize Google’s keyword research tool to see what people are searching for as it relates to your product or service, as well as the wealth of information in your existing website analytics to create a suite of personalized opt-in landing pages. Additionally, you can drill down to things like location-based content to account for regional quirks, as well as referral sources like email, social media, and keyword searches. If you can dream it, you can (probably) build it.

Note: If you’re curious, Infusionsoft can help you personalize and automate your marketing efforts. Check out this webinar to find out how.

Make it mobile

Remember our first tip, “Be a problem solver?” Guess what? Your customers are looking for answers on their phones. 

As Think with Google writes, “People pursue big goals in small moments. 90 percent of smartphone users have used their phone to make progress toward a long term goal or multi-step process while ‘out and about.’”

This means that even with longer cycle purchases, mobile is increasingly becoming a vital part of the research and purchase phases. 

It also means that if you’re not building landing pages that are mobile-optimized for a variety of screen sizes and devices, you’re losing out on valuable leads.

Besides being a business necessity thanks to Google’s latest SEO updates, take one quick case study by Ion Interactive as an example of the power of mobile-optimized opt-in landing pages: “Using a mobile-optimized version of their desktop landing page led to 153% increase in conversions for Deluxe.”

Be generous (but not overbearing)

If someone has made it to a landing page, they’re ready to be sold. So, how much information do they need?

There’s a long debate between opposing camps on whether landing pages should be long or short. How much is too much? The answer is, “It depends.” 

Conversion Rate Experts has a famous case study about how they made over $1 million for Moz by nearly quadrupling the size of Moz’s original landing page. The key, they share, “…is not how long your page is but rather how engaging it is.” The longer page, filled with engaging content led to a 52 percent increase in sales.

But as Unbounce shares, “Shorter landing pages work best when the lead already knows what they’re looking for and your page presents the exact solution without fluff or filler. In an example from ContentVerve, a shorter landing page for a gym increased conversion rates by 11 percent with 95 percent statistical confidence.”

Treat the guests on your landing pages like you would guests at a dinner party. Feed them well, but know them well enough to know when enough is enough. 

Let others do the talking

Our final tip is a simple one: use testimonials. Again, there’s a bit of a debate about this one, but if you look at the plain data from A/B testing, the proper usage of testimonials can have a dramatic effect on conversions. Take for instance Buildium, a property management software company that increased conversions by 22 percent through well-tested testimonials. 

Some pro-tips on a good testimonial include a real person (duh!), a real picture, real quotes and, if possible, real numbers. So basically, be real. 

So, there you have it, our five tips for creating awesomely effective opt-in landing pages. Got other tips of you own? Share them in the comments and let’s get a conversation going.


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