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8 Statistics to Help Convince Your Boss that Your Marketing is Old School

It’s easy to get into the mindset that one process has always worked for your business, so why change it? However, the reality is that business processes, like your marketing efforts, need to change if you still want to reach a target audience that may not be responding to those “old school” channels.

This disconnect between what you need to do and what you are currently doing could be because your boss doesn’t realize times have changed—and that your entire marketing program could be the reason you are not attracting and retaining customers like you once had.

Nothing helps a boss understand the reasons why things need to change like quantitative data and current information compiled about trends that impact the business. This is when it may help to extract some of the key data points from the Infusionsoft 2017 Small Business Marketing Trends Report.


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How to be left behind

After surveying more than 1,000 small business owners from around the country, the conclusions were that approximately one in five small business owners aren’t ready for the digital world and don’t plan on using any digital marketing tactics in 2017. You don’t want to be in this 17 percent of small businesses because you will be left behind.

The survey found that most small business owners don’t feel like they have enough time to learn the new digital marketing tools and platforms because they typically do most of it themselves or have a minuscule team in place.

Other small business owners assume that the digital marketing tools and software available are also only made for larger companies and are too expensive to adopt. Although there has been some growing understanding and use of social media, most small business owners are not sure how to produce the right content or use it in a way that makes a difference.

The data you need

Here are some of the statistics from other sources that immediately point to the need to trade in those traditional marketing channels and tactics for the online and mobile marketing strategies that can deliver the return on investment your boss is seeking:

  • Consumers and business people are not reading newspapers or watching television as much. Instead, they are on their mobile devices like smartphones and tablets so traditional marketing efforts may not be reaching them. For example, comScore Media Metrix® Multi-Platform and Mobile Metrix® December 2016 data illustrates that “total smartphone consumption in the United States has nearly doubled from three years ago. In comparison, tablet usage was up 26 percent over that same period, and desktop usage was down 8 percent.”

  • According to a Financial Times report, Snapchat users view more than seven billion videos through the app’s ephemeral photo and video sharing feature.

  • Over one-third of email subscribers now read their newsletters exclusively on mobile devices rather than desktops. (Informz)

  • Marketers that use influencer marketing get an average return of $6.85 in earned media value for every dollar they spend. (AdWeek)

  • Buyers tend to convert at a much higher rate and are four times more likely to spend more when social media is part of their decision-making process. (Deloitte)

  • Content marketing does convince consumers. For example, one study found that 73 percent of those surveyed consumers felt that content that had a strong personality that engaged them was a reason for why they formed a relationship with that brand. (Econsultancy)

  • Marketers that use blogging are 13 times more likely to realize a positive return on their investment than those that don’t use it. (Social Media)

  • Personalized email messages have been found to improve click-thru rates and conversions by over 10 percent. (Aberdeen)

Sharing these statistics—and others like them—illustrate to your boss that the return on digital marketing far surpasses that of traditional marketing.

And, when your boss starts to tell you that digital marketing is just for big business and too expensive, you can tell them the following:

  • There are numerous free and low-cost digital marketing tools and platforms now available that are easy to use and integrate into your existing technology.

  • Many of the digital marketing tools automate much of the marketing process to save you time and money.

  • There are technology solutions that are designed specifically for small business owners to get involved in digital marketing (like Infusionsoft).

  • Numerous digital marketing experts are available as freelancers that can help you ramp up digital marketing efforts quickly and at a low-cost if you don’t want to take it on yourself.


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There are so many statistics and reasons available that show your boss that digital marketing is a must for your small business. Start now to prove your case, so your small business isn’t left behind!

2017 Small Business Marketing Trends Report - Download Now

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John Rampton is an entrepreneur, investor, online marketing guru and startup enthusiast. He is the founder of the payments company Due.

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