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5 Myths about WordPress Websites

WordPress is a free, easy-to-use CMS platform that has the potential to bring a lot of creative elements to your company. Unfortunately, as most popular online products experience, it received a bad reputation in the past for certain features and functionality.

There are several untrue myths that have prevented users from taking advantage of all WordPress has to offer, and so we’ve set out to debunk these theories and show people that WordPress might just be the site for them (after all, it’s proved to be a good fit for over 25 percent of online websites). Read on to learn about what facts are true and which theories you should forget about in 2017.

Myth No. 1: WordPress isn’t a secure site

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This is absolutely not true; WordPress has been hacked in the past, but not because it’s more vulnerable than other CMS sites. No site is immune to security breaches, and WordPress is no different. Fortunately, WordPress has recognized the potential for problems, and in its 10-year existence, it has put out multiple WordPress security tutorials and plugins from various developers.

However, if users are not updating their software, they’re much more vulnerable to hacks, and you can’t blame WordPress for that.

In fact, “nearly 80 percent of actual infections across all platforms are due to some type of vulnerability in outdated software or access/password exploits.”

In addition to keeping WordPress up to date, you can fight security problems by only downloading plugins from well-known sources, creating a strong password and changing it often, and changing your file permissions.  

The Wpmudev blog suggests choosing 755 or 750 permissions instead of the usual 777. If you follow these security best practices you should have no problem maintaining the security on your WordPress site.

Myth No. 2: WordPress is only good for blogging

While WordPress may have started out primarily as a site for blogs, this is no longer the case. It has put out so many cool features in its 10-year evolution that you’re definitely missing out on if you’re only using WordPress to blog. Instead, follow in the footsteps of Time, CNN, Microsoft, Sony, or eBay who all use WordPress for more than just their personal musings. WordPress can be used as a forum, a social network site, a static website, an image gallery, a job tool, a link directory, and more.

One big way to use WordPress is e-commerce. WordPress is great for this type of business because it’s multi-purpose. While you’re operating your online shop you can also be running a blog, portfolio, or one of the many other options listed above, none of which you can do with a typical e-commerce platform like Magento or Shopify. Paired with one of the thousands of plugins, tools, and themes that WordPress has to offer, your shop is sure to stand out. WordPress also offers several different versions based on your company’s budget, from free to premium. It’s compatible with pretty much everything on the web, so your potential for success is endless.  

Myth No. 3: WordPress only works for small businesses

If the big name companies mentioned above don’t spark your interest, know this—the only limitations that come with WordPress belong to the user. If you take the time to really explore the platform and understand all it has to offer, the sky's the limit.

Just ask the New York Times, Ford, or Harvard Law School, none of which are small corporations and all of which use WordPress. Like I said before, they offer a variety of packages to meet your budget needs, and this includes big companies with big budgets.

When you use WordPress you have total control over your site, which means you can “modify and distribute its code without any additional licensing fees.” It’s easy to incorporate photos and videos, which we all know is huge for engaging a target audience.  

wordpress vip.png

In addition, it’s scalable, so as your business grows and you gain more users, your website has the capacity to grow and expand as well. Finally, it's incredibly easy to access and make improvements, and its integration with social media (another key aspect of e-commerce) is seamless.

Myth No. 4: WordPress does not provide good technical support

wordpress support.png

Although you aren’t able to call or email WordPress for tech support, that doesn’t mean it’s not available to you. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. WordPress has admitted that they don’t do phone or email support because it’s just not the most practical way to reach a lot of people.

That being said, their customers are very important to them and they want them to be able to find the answers they need, which is why they’ve worked hard to put together community forums on pretty much any topic or problem you might come across when using WordPress.

The site is easy to use; all you have to do is search for your topic and then scroll through all the pages that will respond with answers to your question. And these are just the forums provided through WordPress—try searching the web for additional forums and you’ll be amazed by the volume of results that appear. There are so many people that use WordPress that it only makes sense that their support community is huge as well.

The forums don’t pertain to security, however; if you think you have a security breach or have information about security, there is a security FAQ that explains what a security issue entails and who do contact if you do, in fact, have this issue.

Myth No. 5: WordPress is difficult to understand and use

WordPress is incredibly easy to use, and it’s even easier to customize your site. You don’t have to change any lines of code thanks to the thousands of customizable plugins and themes that WordPress and developers offer. Though if you are a fan of coding, you can choose to customize a theme via code.

There are also tons of video tutorials available online to give you a head start on building your site. All the settings are present under the WordPress dashboard, which in itself it a user-friendly, easy to decipher page that makes creating a website a breeze. You won’t have to scroll through unnecessary pages just to find what you need; it’s all there on the dashboard.

If you really don’t feel comfortable setting up your own site on WordPress, there are plenty of people who do and who you could hire from sites like Fiverr and Freelancer.com, but we think you can handle it. Just give it a shot. And if you get stuck, consult one of the many community forums available for customer support.

Hopefully, by now you’re convinced that WordPress is exactly the CMS site you’ve been looking for to meet more than just your blogging needs.

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Joseph Cruz is the owner of RankingElite.com and has been blogging for more than three years. He has been featured in digital marketing blogs such as Ahrefs, SEO-Hacker, and Search Engine Journal.

Image Credit: WordPress.org, WordPress.com


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