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5 Essentials for Webinars that Get You Results

You can’t cruise Facebook more than 30 seconds and not run into a webinar of some kind. Some savvy marketer has dropped one in your path wanting you to watch it. It’s usually the first step down their sales funnel and it’s been very carefully crafted for you.

What is it the best of these webinars do to get you hooked? What are the essentials they include so viewers not only watch them but take action?


Crafting Your Presentation for Conversion

Having a webinar is a great way to bring in new leads... but you need to convert them as...

Here’s are five essentials your webinars must have to get you the results you’re wanting. 

Essential No. 1: Connects with your viewer’s concerns intimately

I watched a webinar recently that impressed me and that’s not easy since I habitually analyze marketing campaigns. I’m always learning from them. This one asked if I was:

  • Concerned about plateauing revenue,
  • Reviewing my marketing spend to get the best ROI, and
  • Looking for a predictable lead generation system to generate consistent leads.

This is not uncommon for business owners like me, but it included monthly revenue numbers that matched my revenue way too closely. “Did they hack my Quickbooks?” They asked if I had tried asking for referrals, cold calling with good call scripts, methodically calling an existing customer to get more business from them. “Hey!  I’m doing all three of those.”

For your webinar to be effective, it must connect with the discussion your viewer’s having in their head. You want them thinking, “This person gets me” so they open themselves up to you.

Essential No. 2: Addresses objections already in your viewers' head

If you connected with their head talk, you want to also address their objections and concerns. Can you anticipate them before your prospect asks?

Your ideal customer will naturally be suspicious and cynical when watching your webinar. Their mental discussion isn’t, “Can this person do the job?” It’s “Why would doing business with you be better than doing business with someone else?”

The webinar I referenced above said something like, “I’m sure you hear a lot of claims from the so-called experts saying they can increase your sales.” I could hear myself thinking, “Yeah! You better believe it.” The discussion continued and it addressed several of my concerns specifically.

Do you think I was listening?

Essential No. 3: Provides something valuable with a real benefit for the viewer

Your webinar must offer something really valuable—it must showcase your expertise and give them something they appreciate as valuable.

I recently published a detailed how-to video on my blog. It was for the newly Memberium Umbrella Accounts we used on a client’s membership site build. I included so much detail, I added it to our team’s knowledge base as the steps to follow on future projects. I almost didn’t publish thinking I was sharing too much with my competitors.

A few days later I get a call from a viewer.  The video confirmed Umbrella Accounts was what they needed for their project. It also convinced them we were the team they needed for a membership site project they couldn’t build without outside help.

If you feel like you are sharing something that’s too valuable or something revealing company secrets, you are probably on the right track.

Essential No. 4: Identifies you as a remarkable, memorable expert

Today everyone is bombarded daily with thousands of emails, online ads, commercials, signage, etc. Our minds naturally shut them out—it’s a natural process.

Our goal as marketers and in our webinars is to get past those mental filters. After watching your webinar, your viewer must be thinking, “Oh yeah, this company does…” or” “The guy with the…” What comes after the dot-dot-dot must be something they won’t forget.

You might think this has to be something clever, but it can simple. I know a business owner that dyes her hair purple. It’s the same shade as her company colors. You can’t help but think, “Oh, yeah, the lady with the purple hair.”

The key when doing this is to use it consistently. Your viewer sees it in the webinar. They see it in your follow up. It’s part of what reminds them of you. 

Essential No. 5: Contains a clear and concise call-to-action

If your webinar has viewers, you connect with them, address their objections, give them something valuable, and set yourself apart, then it's time to include a clear and concise call-to-action. Your attendees must know they can download a PDF, schedule time on your calendar, fill out a survey, give you a call, or otherwise.  Make sure it’s only one very clear next step. Then they can it to make one additional step down your sales funnel.

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