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Is Tumblr a Good Blogging Alternative for Your Business?

According to the 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report by Social Media Examiner, 58 percent of marketers are blogging and 62 percent want to learn more about it. While the potential and value of blogging is clear, small business owners often struggle with creating the biggest commodity there is: time. But what if a blog alternative existed that afforded the benefits of blogging while drastically reducing the investment of time?  When you use Tumblr for blogging, you may just be able to pull that off.

What is Tumblr?

In the words of the company, “Tumblr lets you effortlessly share anything.” While that’s quite an assertive statement, it’s pretty much on the mark. Like a Wordpress blog, Tumblr allows users to share text, photos, gifs, video and more. Conceptually though, Tumblr differs from Wordpress. While it can technically  be used the same way, in terms of sharing content, a Tumblr audience expects a much more abbreviated version of information. And often, something much more fun. Some highly popular tumblrogs (yes, that’s what they call them) are tiny bites of hilarity meant for quick digestion.  This content is fun and super easy to consume, and that’s about it. When you enter Tumblr you typically move away from information and education-based content and into the realm of entertainment. Even when the business or figure behind the tumblrog is serious in nature, the content errs on the side of funny and light. Check out this post on the Official White House Tumblr, for example. 

How can a small business use Tumblr?

Tumblr, like regular blogs, is not a perfect fit for every business. When it works, it can be a beautiful, personality-filled compliment to good branding. But when it doesn’t work, it’s just wasted content that gets sucked into the vacuum of space that is the Internet. So, before you rush off to sign up for an account, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Do you have visually intriguing images to accompany your content?
  2. Is there a light-hearted, easy undertone to what you intend to produce?
  3. Will the content on Tumblr differ from the other platforms in your social spectrum?

Intriguing images

If you peruse Tumblr, one of the first things you’ll notice is that it is very visual; photographers, designers and foodies have made it their stomping grounds. If you don’t have strong images for your product or service, you can still pull off great photographic content with a little imagination. Though this book reviewer isn’t entirely devoid of images, they chose to take it a step further and offer a little something more.  Employ some creativity with your photos on Tumblr and dry material can quickly become shareworthy.

Light-hearted and easy

Simply put, if the White House is taking a silly spin on their content, you probably should, too. You don’t have to be a comedian on tour, but make sure you sprinkle in plenty of levity.

A different tone

There is no use signing up for another account just to recycle content you’re featuring elsewhere. Cross-channel promotion is a beneficial part of social media, but if you spread the same content too thin, there’s no real incentive for your audience to follow more than one account.

Is Tumblr better than Wordpress for me?

If the idea of taking blogging and shrinking the production is an appealing idea—especially for the time-crunched business owner, Tumblr might be your newest platform. But it’s important to think of Tumblr as a social media platform, rather than a direct replacement to a traditional blog. If you want to compliment your brand using a more versatile social platform, Tumblr can be a great referrer location. According to this infographic, sales and Tumblr go together quite well. Some have even seen SEO success from getting their tumblrog to go viral. But if you’re looking to Tumblr as a shortcut for blogging there are some discernible differences and shortcomings to relying solely on Tumblr. Tumblr is NOT:

  • A perfect place to form a company website
  • An epicenter for high-level interaction
  • A place for complicated ideas and concepts
  • A major lead generation tool
  • A great location for finding your target audience

Tumblr is most often a supplemental hub for furthering the culture that surrounds your small business. Or a forum for people with the sole intention of entertaining.  If you choose not to blog, that’s okay. Not every business does it. But assuming Tumblr is a direct, easy replacement won’t produce the results you hear people raving about either. Check out this infographic to get a little more detail on Tumblr and how it might work for your business. How Big is tumblr? Source: WebsiteHostReview.com


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