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Lead Generation for Small Business: Calls to Action


A call to action (CTA)  like that is pretty hard to overlook, right? Now that I’ve got your attention you’re probably wondering what “this” really is in that call to action. For a call to action to work, it needs to capture attention, but also give them a clear reason to click. Small business lead generation starts when a prospect clicks on a CTA, so you want that CTA button to shine!

  • Be specific in what you want prospects to do
  • Place your CTA (or CTAs) in a conspicuous place
  • Make the CTA eye catching

The message is crucial to the success of your CTA. Take time to craft a concise, but instructional message to prompt potential customers to learn more about your small business.  Use language that creates urgency, but not fear or scarcity.  “Offer only good for the first 25 sign-ups!” does not have that encouragement a prospect might be looking for. Instead, it can instill a sense of fear that they are missing out if they don’t sign up immediately.

Encourage potential customers to sign up by letting them know that your business can help them solve a problem that you know they have.  Make your prospect aware that you want to serve them, include the link of your download with your expressed desire to help, remind customers that they do in fact have to find a solution and provide a time-based incentive based on price, but not quantity of offers remaining. That should prod your potential customers closer to clicking on your CTA.

Make your CTA’s location obvious on your website so that it’s easy to see, and potential customers will know what kind of action you want them to take.  By placing a CTA next to or around valuable snippets of content, your prospects will understand that you want them to request further information about your small business’ services.  If you’re considering a CTA only at the bottom of your web page, chances are that many of your readers will never make it that far down the page, thus rendering your CTA useless.  Raise your click-through rate by making sure your CTA lives above the fold and appears midway down the page, as well.  It will be one of the first things that potential customers see when they come to your website.

Catch your prospect’s eye with a pop of color on a background of neutral color. This will cause your CTA to rise from the page and encourage a click, and, thus, an information capture.  Follow these design instructions from the folks at www.hongkiat.com:

  • Your call to action buttons should ideally be the largest buttons on a given page
  • Use contrasting colors to make smaller buttons stand out more
  • Use less distinct colors to make oversized buttons fit in better
  • Your call to action buttons need to command attention without overwhelming your design


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