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3 Powerful Strategies to Grow Your Membership Site

by Micah Mitchell

As a business owner, you’ve figured out your specialty; it’s why people trust doing business with you. Whether you’re a carpet cleaner, an auto mechanic or a business coach, you have knowledge to share with others. Think about all the times people have asked you a “quick question” that turned into an hour-long conversation. It’s a sign you have valuable insights to share and people are willing to listen. You have a unique perspective to share, and there’s a method for you to organize, scale and deliver it via content.

A membership website is just like a regular website, but access is typically offered only to those who either pay or exchange valuable information like their name and email address, which can produce additional revenue or qualified leads for the business.

As Jay Baer of Convince & Convert said, “Every company is its own TV station, magazine and newspaper.” Membership websites enable entrepreneurs to deliver premium content in a medium they control, on the terms they desire.

Here are three simple yet powerful strategies to grow your membership site that can make a measurable difference in your website.

1. The Free Sample

One of the coolest things you can do is to show people what they’ll get when they become a member and let them experience some of it before they're asked to buy.

As a lead magnet, develop a free membership level that offers a collection of valuable content samples or highlights from your paid membership levels. 

Let people personally experience a taste of what you have and then give them the option to upgrade to a paid membership level. When you make this special offer, do it with a time limit attached. 

The contents of your membership site could change according to the individual person accessing it so that you only show them the right offer after they’ve consumed some content. You can make the offer disappear after its expiration date. This way, you’re trusted when you make future time-sensitive offers to them.

You can create a “sampler” style membership or create multiple, smaller, free sample levels.

2. The In-Membership One-Click Upsell

Timing is everything when upselling a consumer to a higher membership level. Ask for an upsell after members consumed some of their purchased content and before they are totally done with it. 

If you use WordPress, you can do all this with Memberium. If you don’t have WordPress, Infusionsoft offers CustomerHub, too. Both solutions integrate with Infusionsoft and can trigger the appropriate timing so you can deliver the right content at the right time to the right members. 

When implemented correctly, this enhances the customer’s experience because they’re not bothered with offers they’re not ready for. When they're ready, you swoop in with the perfect solution that’s easy to buy.

3. The Better Survey

Do you send out customer surveys? Just gathering responses doesn’t do much for you or your customer, but taking action on the information does.

If you’re tracking a member’s progress (which you should be), then you’re already encouraging them to finish the content. If you’re not tracking exact content consumption, then you can send out a survey.

The key here is that you’re determining who is happy or not, then acting on that. One of the fastest ways to do this is to send an email that has two action links in it. One of the links is for the person to indicate they’re happy. The other link they can click on is to inform you they are not happy. 

The happy link leads to a thank-you form that asks for a testimonial and encourages them to refer friends. If you sent the email out from Infusionsoft, you can initiate a whole branch of automation to follow up on this happy customer for future opportunities. 

The unhappy link leads to an apology and a support form to ask them how you can help solve their problem. This can head off potential cancellations as well as turn people into fans again when you solve their problem. Similarly, if someone is unhappy, you can deactivate other promotional campaigns. 

Either way, you’ll acquire valuable feedback, additional testimonials and solve more problems quickly.

You are an expert and have valuable content to offer. How you merchandise and leverage it within your business will vary, but it’s a content delivery method that can’t be ignored. 

When you implement these strategies, you’ll have more lead magnets that go directly to selling products, customers will be offered more at the right time, and you’ll retain your customers even longer.

While these strategies can be infinitely customized, it’s getting them done that matters first. So implement them quickly, don’t overcomplicate everything and you’ll be happy to see results soon enough. 

These strategies to grow your membership site can be implemented with Memberium on top of your WordPress website. 

Worksheet: Creating a campaign strategy - Download Now

Micah Mitchell

As a small business owner, trainer and confessed nerd, Micah understands the many sides of the membership equation by running his own membership site, helping noteworthy clients with theirs and managing the Memberium membership software. Micah’s favorite thing about business is working with technology, his team who he says deserves most of the credit, and meeting directly with clients. When he’s not being nerdy, he’s either on the road or playing outdoors in the Colorado mountains with his family. 

Compensation for this blog post was provided by Memberium. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not a reflection of the opinions or positions of Infusionsoft.

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