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How to Create Lead Magnets: A Step-by-Step Guide

by Jared Kimball

Attracting customers is the key to success. Without any customers, you won’t have a business. But, how do you attract potential customers? Whatever it is, it has to be good.

Attracting customers is like attracting that hot guy or girl across the room. No one teaches you in school how to attract the opposite sex, likewise on how to attract customers for your business.

Think about it: In the dating world attractive people get the most attention (at least in the beginning).

So how do I make my business attractive to get a lot of attention?

 Listen to Molly Pittman from Digital Marketer talk about how to make a great lead magnet.

How to attract your ideal customer

When attracting a customer or the opposite sex, you have to make a good first impression. In dating you eat right, get in shape, dress nice and smile. In business you create an amazing magnet.

A lead magnet is how you create an unforgettable first impression for your potential customer. With the right lead magnet you are empowered to attract as many ideal customers as you can handle. Instead of being the unapproachable attractive person, you make it easy for people to introduce themselves.

You can only make a first impression once and you want your first impression to blow people’s minds. 

Since the traditional educational system failed to teach you how to create great lead magnets, here is a step-by-step guide to creating a great lead magnet. 

Guide to creating great lead magnets

1. Generate lead magnet ideas

You need to decide who your customer base is. Who are you going to serve? You are you not going to serve?

With this in mind, create a worksheet or spreadsheet and list common situations that your target market faces on a daily, weekly and even a monthly basis on the left side. On the right, list three to five high level steps someone would need to take to get their desired end result.

You know your business, you know your target market and creating a lead magnet that attracts them has to be specific. 

Ask yourself, “What’s one problem or situation I could help my market solve that would make them jump for joy?” Answer that question by using the worksheet above. It will help you systematically write a list of the pain points your market faces.

Set a 15-minute timer and dedicate the entire 15 minutes to listing out and brainstorming situations that your target market needs help with. After the 15-minute period ends, count how many ideas you have. You may surprise yourself with how many lead magnets you come up with in a short amount of time.

2. Take your list to the next phase

Now it’s time to fill in the gaps on the right side of your worksheet. How are you going to help solve your customers dilemmas? Ask yourself, “What are the steps necessary to help someone go from the beginning to confidently solving their specific problem?”

Start another 15-minute timer for another brainstorm. Focus on each lead magnet idea and list out the high-level steps required to help someone get the result you promise them. Now that you have content ideas for each of your lead magnets, it’s time to create. 

3. Creating the lead magnet

Choose a lead magnet idea from your list and create an outline of what you want your lead magnet to look like. Are there multiple steps you are detailing to help solve a problem? If so, your outline may look something like this:

  • Step 1
    • Step 1a
    • Step 1b
    • Step 1c
  • Step 2
    • Step 2a
    • Etc…

4. Creating content

With the outline complete, it’s time to write your content. Some may find it easier to record oneself talking about each bullet point, rather than sitting down and writing something. If so, QuickTime or Audacity are good tools for this.

Open your outline so you can easily read it on your computer. Start recording yourself, following your outline and talk about each step, as if you are lecturing to a group on the subject. One you finish your recording session, save it and either transcribe it yourself or send your audio file to a transcription service. Either way, you will have a rough draft written with a natural, conversational feel.

Once the transcription is ready, review the draft and make edits, cleaning up any sentences to make it easy for someone to read along. Next, edit your second draft. You can do it yourself if the budget is tight, or you can find a good editing service to do it for you.

5. Designing your lead magnet

Now that the content is ready, it’s time to create a professional and attractive design for your lead magnets.  Fiverr.com has affordable design covers, in which you can search for e-book cover designs in a variety of categories. 


Once you find a cover you like, you may want to hire a designer, if you you’re not designing the book yourself. It is important to find a designer with a track record of solid success. You may want to consider this checklist:

•    More than 1,000 reviews

•    A minimum rating of 4 and a half stars 

•    A fairly quick turnaround time (one to five days)

•    Design examples you really like

6. How to put your lead magnet together

Putting your lead magnet together can seem a little challenging, so let’s break it down.

First, open your document and (if using Word) go to the very top of the document and insert a “Page Break,” which will give you a blank first page (Insert > Break > Page Break )..

With a blank first page, add your cover design to the document by going to Insert > Photo > Picture from File.


Double-check the image and document by opening up “Print Preview” by going to: File > Print. And then made sure it looked nice if someone chose to print it out.

After double-checking the quality it was now time to convert the Word doc into a PDF.

7. How To Convert A Word Doc To A PDF

In order to save the Word doc as a PDF, go  to File > Save As and select save as a PDF. .

Voila! You now have a complete PDF lead magnet that was ready to be shared with the world.

This total process took me a little over one week to complete, and if I can do it so can you.

Your business has so much hidden potential. I encourage you to use this post and start creating lead magnets for your business today.

I’d love to hear your questions about creating lead magnets in the comments below, and I’ll do everything in my power to answer every single question.

One final note, think of a someone in your life who owns a business and share this post with them—it could be exactly what they need to take their business to the next level.

Jared Kimball openly shares his strategies and techniques for list building on his site MarketerLife.com. He's also a marketing automation strategist at Infusionsoft.

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