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Content Marketing & Lead Nurture Strategy

By June Brockmeyer

In part one of this three part series, we will talk about the importance of nurturing small business leads that may not be ready to purchase just yet. Did you know that some small business leads that are labeled as “bad” each month are often forgotten and completely lost?  This is because most people are not ready to buy a specific product or sign up for a service right away; the truth is that only about 10 percent of leads close a sale right away.

People who have a relationship with a company or small business are more likely to recommend that business to their family and friends which means they can become the raving fans you’ve needed to grow your business even more.

Combining fans with awesome marketing

The concepts of marketing are changing every day and the online world is making it easier to find what we need quick and easy but, that can also make it harder for your business to stand out. By implementing an effective marketing strategy, you can help others understand why you’re who they need to buy from, when they’re ready.

Put yourself out there

As entrepreneurs or small business owners we often lack the time to engage with the community either online or out in the real world; but by making a conscious effort to connect with people, you will begin to see the people who support you, help you get more leads and overall, increase sales.

  • Provide great content with clear calls to action: Be prepared to supply your audience with valuable content but also include clear and subtle calls to action in each piece of content so if a lead or prospect is ready, they can take the next step necessary to move further along your sales funnel.
  • Communicate like a friend not like a marketer: The more genuine and honest you can be with the messages you send and the content you provide, the more people will begin to trust you and your business.

Follow up, just enough

After you’ve created content you want to share to your audience, make sure you follow up with them regularly. Some leads may require you to follow up with them a few times a week with information that may help them become more educated about the benefits of your product or service. Keeping a schedule for when you send out these communications is a great way to let people know you care. Some leads may require a lighter touch you may want to craft a different message, still providing them valuable content but maybe only following up once a week for a few weeks and taking a different approach after some time has passed. If you’re able to automate any of this, it can help you immensely so you can focus more on nurturing your current customers and work on getting referrals as well as spending more time planning the next big thing for your business. In part two of our series we will discuss the benefits of using different platforms to provide content and nurture.

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