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5 Lead Magnet Ideas You Can Use Right This Minute

You’ve been hearing all about this concept of lead magnets—great pieces of content your audience would love to download in exchange for giving their contact information. The prospect sounds pretty sweet: You get to offer some great content to your audience, and as they download it, you build your list. 

People that are interested in your lead magnets already reveal a bit about themselves, which can help you as you qualify your leads. With the right follow up, you can move them closer to the sale.

Unfortunately, the prospect of developing a lead magnet can be overwhelming for a lot of small business owners. You’ve got to produce something substantial—and valuable—enough that your prospects would be willing to give you their valuable contact information in exchange for a download. 

Take heart. There’s a good chance you already have the makings of a lead magnet at your fingertips.

You can either use a little repurposing or revisions to what you already have to create new content right away. Or, you can take your knowledge of your niche to create a quick win. The following are five lead magnet ideas that you can cull from existing content on your website or around your business: 

1. E-book

An e-book for business is a little like a white paper but tends to address broader topics in a bit more entertaining way. They should be authoritative, but not too technical so that they come off as accessible to a broader audience.

If your business has a blog, then your e-book is nearly written. You can repurpose a blog series (for example, five separate posts walking through five aspects of a bigger topic), or blog posts that are related to an overall topic. Each blog post can make a chapter for an e-book. All you need to do is create an original introduction and conclusion, and your e-book is ready to go.

E-books work best when they’ve had a graphic designer’s treatment. Despite the axiom to the opposite, it turns out that people really do judge a book by its cover. An attractive cover and clean illustrations and images make your ebook look professional and significantly increase the perceived value. Once you’ve put the text together, find a graphic designer to give it a once over. In your call-to-action, be sure to show a thumbnail image of the book cover. This will greatly increase your download numbers.

2. Infographic

If a picture is worth a thousand words, an infographic takes that notion 10 times. By integrating beautiful graphic design and information, such as statistics or related facts, you can create a whole story in a single image.

When you pitch a sale to a client, do you consistently refer to a set of statistics as you outline the solution to their problem? How about in your blog? Infographics work superbly to reveal statistical data or to show a comparative data. If you have data, especially if the findings come out of your own research, you can create the theme around the numbers, and the toughest part is done.

Next, you’ll need to artistically tie the content together with a beautiful graphic theme (like a map, or interactive image, etc.). Quality is crucial. You can find services online, like Piktochart, to help you make a great infographic yourself. But if you don’t have the time or resources to do it yourself, you’ll have to find a graphic designer to outsource the project to.

3. Slideshow

From TED Talks to webinars, to board meetings, slideshows are the best way to walk through an idea, highlighting key insights, and visualizing concepts. On top of the value in presentations, people have come to expect to have the slide deck as a takeaway so that they can process the information on their own time.

Chances are, if you’ve met with prospective clients, you’ve developed a slideshow that helps them work through their pain point. Or maybe you gave a great talk at a conference that shows your thought leadership. With a little polishing up, you can take that message to the streets by turning it into a lead magnet. In fact, slideshows make great follow-up calls-to-action, as well. The slideshow you developed for sales can work well as a follow-up to a less sales-oriented piece, like an e-book. This way, you can move your prospect closer to a sale.

4. Quizzes

Quizzes can serve a number of purposes. They can be fun, like testing their knowledge on a subject, or finding out which character from "Gilligan’s Island" they are. Or they can be informative, by asking questions that help them realize something about themselves, like what their ideal home would look like, or what their ideal career would be. People love surveys, and they make great lead magnets.

It’s actually really easy to develop quizzes. You can use apps like qzzr.com or dilogr.com to build your product and then embed the quiz on your site pages or emails.

5. Product comparison

Chances are, you are well aware of how you stack up against your competition. And your prospects are looking at your brand as one of several options. It can really help to see the best options compared side by side so they can weigh the pros and cons. With a product comparison, you can offer insight into how your product or service stacks up against your biggest competitors. Moreover, if you provide a number of products, a one-sheet that clearly lays out benefits and pricing can be just the thing your prospects need to identify the solution that’s best for them.  

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