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How Guest Blogging Can Help Grow Your Small Business

Your marketing strategy may already include a blog, which is a proven strategy for helping attract visitors to your website and build your thought leader reputation. However, even better is to incorporate guest blogging as an additional marketing tactic.

The benefits of guest blogging

Guest blogging draws an audience that is already viewing the blogs you write for over to your blog, creating greater traffic long after you have submitted that guest blog post.

Plus, guest blogging helps your search engine results page and drives greater online visibility overall. It’s also another channel to project your thought leadership and raise credibility. Just think of it as the inbound marketing gift that keeps on giving.

You’ll be able to turn these new visitors into contacts to add to your other marketing strategies, including any email campaigns, by collecting their name and contact information. In this way, guest blogging becomes the fuel for increasing the leads in your pipeline.


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What’s involved in guest blogging?

Guest blogging is straightforward and relatively simple. It is a process that has you creating content and publishing it on other blogs that accept guest posts. You don’t get paid for this content.

Of course, you want to focus your guest blogging efforts on only those high-quality and credible blogs to ensure optimum benefits for your work. The bigger the blog, the larger the audience, and the better chance you have to reach and influence more of your targets.

Where to look for guest blogging opportunities

You most likely aren’t in a position as a small business where other blogs are going to seek you out and ask if you would like to contribute. You’ll need to do some of the work in searching out the guest blogging opportunities. Start with a Google search that includes “guest blogger,” in your search query.

You can also look at backlinks on other blogs to identify any guest blogging opportunities. SEMrush is a good tool to use to identify these backlinks. With both tactics, you can then reach out to the blog owners and inquire about a guest blogging opportunity. There are also guest blogging marketplaces, as the demand for this marketing tactic has grown that you can find with a simple search. When you have identified some guest blogging opportunities, use a web analytics tool like Alexa to determine the blog’s following and the results from their posts to see if it will garner you maximum attention.

Tips for the best guest blogging results

Since this is a sweat equity marketing tactic, you will want to make sure you get the most return for the time you invested in producing and publishing the best content possible for these guest blog slots.


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Here are some tips for guest post best practices:

  • Focus on relevant and informative content that delivers enough value to readers that they want to come visit your blog to learn more.

  • Spend time reading the other guest posts on this blog to get a flavor for what is included. If necessary, take extra time to do more research about the blog and company behind it.

  • Respect and follow the blogging rules that a blog may have established for its guest blog posts.

  • Make sure you know how to use the blogging software and technology that the guest blog wants you to use for submission.

  • Include a call-to-action or other interesting closing for the reader like a question so that it leaves the ball in the reader’s court to actually do something now that they have read your guest post.

  • Position your personal and company brand in the best light possible, highlighting those attributes that resonate with the audience.

  • Include a brief bio, contact information, and link to your company blog to make it easy for readers to reach out to you.

  • Look for ways to establish relationships with other credible experts who can supply you with their insights and data to include and attribute to in your guest blog posts.

  • Don’t sign up for too many guest posts right away but instead work slowly into the process. This will also help you assess how each guest blog post has worked for you before you continue posting repeatedly for that particular blog. It’s good to experiment with a few different guest blog spots to diversify who you reach and what traffic you send to your blog and website.

Accept guest blog posts from others, too

Don’t forget to also consider taking guest blog posts from others as long as they adhere to the same aforementioned tips and deliver high-quality, original content. With the ongoing demand for informative content, it’s beneficial to receive content from others to rapidly expand the content on your site because it will attract your audience to return frequently as well as boost your SEO results.

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John Rampton is an entrepreneur, investor, online marketing guru, and startup enthusiast. He is the founder of the payments company Due.

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