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How to Create a Better Contact Us Page

When mapping out a business website, there’s always a “Contact Us” page as part of the framework. After all, it’s been the go-to page for your visitors to find out where they can visit, call, or email your business. However, that’s all most people do with the page. Sometimes, I’ve actually seen a short amount of content and maybe a map or social media buttons. Other than that, it’s typically a lost page.

And, by lost page, I mean a lost opportunity to continue engaging with your audience. That’s why it’s a good idea to spend more time on it than the five minutes some devote to typing up four lines of contact information. 

Instead, think of how the design, copy, and any automated follow-ups can turn the Contact Us page into a great way to nurture the start of what could be numerous long-term customer relationships and a means of generating more sales.

Here are some best practices I’ve used within my own business website that has generated additional leads and sales.

Excellent mobile responsiveness

Like the rest of your website, your Contact Us page needs to work effectively on any mobile device. Since the screen is going to be considerably smaller, check to see what the font and placement of the contact information look like on a smartphone and tablet to ensure it reads well and clearly.

No visits to Never Neverland

While it seems basic, I’ve come across plenty of websites where the contact form doesn’t send properly. The information I sent to got lost in internet purgatory. Other contact pages just won’t even load so I couldn’t get a phone number or email address to reach out to them as a prospect. This translates into lost business and a bit of tarnish on your reputation. 

Test your Contact Us page regularly to make sure all the working parts are doing their job. Be sure to also run this test on different web browsers.

Maximum audience engagement

So many contact pages just have a bulk standard message that often says thanks for visiting and here’s where to go for more information. It’s become so common that I’ve just begun skipping over any content on a Contact Us page. This is where you can actually really stand out among the competition because you can decide this is the place to delight your audience, especially since it’s most likely the last page on your website they will visit before leaving. 

That makes it even more important to visually stun your audience with graphics and maybe even a video message. Using a brief video on the contact page can help build rapport and instill a sense of trust in your brand. It will also provide a flavor for your personality and values to further draw them into what you are offering.


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Your content should discuss your desire to build a relationship with the visitor as well as remind them about those areas of value that you deliver to them. Since this is your opportunity to get the last word in, and it will be what they remember, focus on emphasizing what you can solve for them and use a tone in your marketing content that shows you understand and care.

And, speaking of trust and building a relationship, always include some type of physical address because this solidifies the idea that you have a legitimate business. Even though people shop and do business online, they still want that sense of place to reassure them. 

Always include a call to action that reminds them that they need to do something, which makes it an opportune place to provide them with a downloadable report or place to sign-up for additional information via email or text. Don’t overload them with content but provide just enough to make a few points that they can keep it at the top of their mind.

It’s in the graphic details

While you don’t want to ever create any web page that is busy and confusing, you should consider using different text colors, larger fonts, and a bold face to help your visitors clearly disseminate where and how they can reach you. The colors, fonts, and other graphical techniques should mirror the rest of your website in a way that connects the contact page without necessarily having to copy it.

You can use various WordPress plugins if your website is built on that platform or any other types of available tools associated with your website building program. These plugins and tools can provide you with an effective Contact Us form format that makes it easier to add rather than trying to design it yourself from scratch.

Make important connections

The Contact Us page is also the page where people may visit and then realize they still needed some other information. So it’s a good idea to add references and links to critical resources on your website, such as FAQs, your privacy policy, your blog, and even any type of catalog of products or services. It doesn’t even hurt to add a “Buy Now” button if you are selling any products on your website because this saves them having to hunt around for it if they’ve already made it that far in the purchase decision.

Regular updates

Lastly, don't forget to regularly refresh your website content and design, including what's located on your Contact Us page. Not only does this help with your search engine ranking, but it also encourages your customers and prospects to come back to see what else you can offer them.

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John Rampton is an entrepreneur, investor, online marketing guru and startup enthusiast. He is founder of the payments company Due.

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