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Free Campaign of the Month: Live Event Networking

Tell me if this situation sounds familiar: you go to a live event and meet lots of people. A few of them you actually want to follow up with after the event is over, so you grab their business card or contact information. Then nothing happens. You forget about them entirely, until you discover that business card crinkled at the bottom of your suitcase or laptop bag.

Bummer... Not only does this allow time-bound opportunities to slip by you, it can actually be more challenging to re-connect with that person. They met a lot of people at that event too and simply may not remember you. If you have a dedicated system that guarantees follow up with 100 percent of everyone you network with at a live event, you can stop reading now. 

If that opening scenario is all too painful and familiar, it is time to rejoice fair reader! This free Campaign of the Month is designed to ensure that nobody you meet at a live event ever slips through the cracks. Regardless of if you meet two people or two hundred. This idea is actually a "swipe and go" version of the tactic I outlined for people before InfusionCon (ICON) 2012. The idea is to use your smart device and immediately enter someone into your database as soon as you get their information. Nobody slips through any cracks. Two years ago, we didn't even have a visual campaign builder, much less the ability to provide free campaign templates. It is because of this fact, I'm very excited (and kind of emotional) to help you implement this tactic quickly and easily with the free Campaign of the Month: Live Event Networking

Live Event Networking Campaign Model

The campaign's purpose is to make follow up with connections you meet at live events brain-dead simple. After you enter someone via the webform or tagging through one of our mobile apps, they receive a friendly introduction email with a link back to your website. The campaign pays attention to see if they click through to view you site or not and responds accordingly.

Who can use it?

Any Infusionsoft customer can download any campaign from the Infusionsoft Marketplace but this campaign is designed to be used when meeting people at live events. It doesn't matter if you are B2B or B2C, following up with connections you make at live events is very important.

Anything else I should know, Paul?

Since this campaign is designed to be used for live events, if you don't have any coming up in the near future, you might not see the value. However, I'll bet you meet people when you are out and about all the time! It would be very easy to modify this campaign to be used for any new connection you meet, not just people from live events.

How do I get it?

Check out the Marketplace listing and download it to your Infusionsoft account. That’s it for now! Let me know what you think in the comments and I’ll see you next month with another free campaign to help your small business.


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