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The Strategies of Small Business Success

Interesting—I didn’t sleep any better last night. The thoughts and ideas of what I want to share in the Small Business Success Blog (SBS Blog) dominated my mind. I woke up early today (on a Saturday morning of a holiday weekend, which is when I usually catch up on sleep—Saturdays and holidays) to write some of the thoughts that have been keeping me awake the past couple nights.

First off, a confession: I’m the CEO of a progressive tech company, but I’ve never been a blogger. Much to the dissatisfaction of my marketing and PR teams, I haven’t been able to find the time or muster the desire to consistently blog.

But, now it’s totally flowing. It’s pretty fun and exciting for me. Who knows? I might even become a prolific social media maven, which would totally blow away my PR team.

So, here’s what I’m going to write about every day (some aspect of):

  1. The five stages of Small Business Success;
  2. The three pillars of Small Business Success; and/or
  3. The Small Business Success Method.

I’ve spent a ton of time over the past decade researching the Stages of Small Business Success. I teach about this in our Elite programs (Forum, Momentum, and Mastermind) all the time. I began intensely studying it when Scott [Infusionsoft co-founder Scott Martineau] and I wrote the NY Times Bestseller “Conquer the Chaos” seven years ago. I’ve spoken about it from the stage at ICON and other events.  I’ve even done a few random blog posts about the Stages (who says I never blog?!?). But I have tons more to share about the five Stages of Small Business Success and how entrepreneurs move through those Stages. I’ll write about that in this blog.

I’ll also cover the three pillars of Small Business Success, which I haven’t written as much about.  The pillars are Leadership, Strategy, and Automation. When business owners work on and master these pillars, Small Business Success is a natural and certain outcome. In “Conquer the Chaos”, I wrote about the concepts underlying the pillars—mindset strategies and systems strategies. But over the years, I’ve come to see those concepts better described in terms of leadership (much of the Mindset stuff fits here), Strategy (specifically broken out from Mindset and Systems as its own pillar), and Automation (instead of Systems) because success in the modern small business involves automating your processes.

Finally, I’ll write about the Infusionsoft Small Business Success Method, a compilation of the strategies and techniques of sales and marketing automation that propel small business success. We’ve honed this method for more than a decade by working with smart entrepreneurs. While this is covered much more on our company blog, I’ll touch on this powerful stuff frequently to highlight the “hands on, how-to” of small business success.

Every day, I’ll write a little snippet about the stages, pillars, and/or method of small business success. I hope it will be useful to any business owner on this crazy, amazing, beautiful, enriching journey of entrepreneurship.

SBS Idea of the Day: Identify where you are in the stages and where you want to be at the end of 2016. Set a Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound (SMART) goal and make a plan for exactly how you’ll get there.

Read more about small business success from Clate here

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