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Tenacity + Automation = Small Business Success

Yesterday, I was interviewing Matt Lights as part of the new Small Business Success podcast that Scott and I are doing this year.  By the way, it’s a ton of fun, we’ll be launching it in a few weeks and you’ll want to listen in. The stories of successful entrepreneurs are fascinating and they are totally applicable to the tens of millions of entrepreneurs out there striving for success.

Anyway, during our interview, Matt called out what he considers the two most important factors for small business success: tenacity and automation. He told the story of the early days of his business when they had put all their eggs in a basket, hoping and expecting for success—but it didn’t come. He felt the discouragement, dejection, and defeat. He felt like quitting. He wondered why he had left his prior job and sacrificed so much in the first place. But he kept at it. He kept moving forward. He bounced back and got things working.

We asked, “What made it possible for you to succeed where so many others would have thrown in the towel?”

“Tenacity.” That was Matt’s simple answer.

Then he explained how he applied that tenacity to automate the heck out of his business. He talked about how he initially purchased Infusionsoft many years ago and was confused. He couldn’t figure it out, the software sat idle, and he was about to cancel. Then, when Infusionsoft’s new visual, drag-n-drop Campaign Builder came out, he decided to give it another try. He applied his tenacity, found that it was really fun to build automation campaigns, and he began to save time and make more money in his business.

Today Matt is the president of Clever Investor, leading a team of 50 employees. They are growing fast, he is taking dream vacations (which he never would have even dreamed a few years ago), and the company has its sights set on big goals. By anyone’s measure, he is a successful small business, with strong revenue per employee at stage five.

What made the difference for Matt? Tenacity and automation.

SBS Idea of the Day: What does it take to stop you? Just notice how tenacious you are in solving problems, overcoming obstacles, and busting through barriers. Tenacity makes all the difference. Crank up your tenacity and your business success will improve.

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