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Success is a Choice

Last night, my wife and I had dinner with an employee and his wife who have been with Infusionsoft for over 10 years. We reminisced about the early days of struggle and sacrifice when we weren’t sure if the business would survive. We talked about the challenges all small businesses face in their first couple of years.

After that conversation, I have two thoughts for you:

1. You are not alone. All small businesses go through the struggles.  All of them.  Most people don’t have or do what it takes to achieve success. During our dinner last night, we talked about business owners we know who didn’t make it. We talked about business owners who are still in day-to-day survival. We also talked about entrepreneurs who pushed through the early struggles and achieved success. Though many businesses eventually achieve success, the struggle for success is universal to small businesses.

2. You can do it! The whole conversation made me grateful for you, and for every business owner out there striving to make it work. My thoughts this morning are simple: keep going, keep working at it, keep pursuing success. But, do it with determination, grit, and belief.  You will make it, as long as you win the battle of belief in your own mind.

The line between success and failure in small business runs right down the center of your brain. Part of your brain tells you every day that you can’t do it. The other part tells you every day that you can.  Which part do you listen to?

SBS Idea of the Day: It really is true that whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you’re right. Choose success, and you will achieve it.


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