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Figure It Out

On the SBS Podcast, the other day, Scott and I interviewed a successful entrepreneur who described the secret to his success. He used a familiar phrase that my parents used so many times with me while I was growing up.

He said his ability to grow the company to nearly $5 million in annual revenue came down to two characteristics. First, humility. And second, the drive and belief that he could “figure it out,” no matter what challenge he was facing.

Actually, the two characteristics go hand in hand. We have to be humble enough to recognize we don’t know the answer. And we have to be tenacious enough to go figure it out.

I distinctly remember my mom telling me many times, after giving me a task that I “couldn’t” complete for some reason, “Figure it out—that’s part of the job.” That’s a great phrase. Every entrepreneur knows that figuring it out is part of the job. Every good employee knows that “figuring it out” is part of the job.

You get paid for delivering results. If you’re feeling stuck, dig in, do the hard work, and figure it out.

SBS Idea of the Day: Go listen to the SBS Podcast. The entrepreneurs Scott and I interview tell their stories and share some golden nuggets along the way. Scott and I share some pretty good stuff, too. You can go here to listen.

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