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Busy vs. Successful

Getting strategy right is one of the three pillars of small business success (leadership and automation being the other two legs of the stool). But strategy is an elusive, misunderstood thing. In its simplest form, strategy helps you achieve the company goals by focusing on and leveraging what you’re good at.

In other words, strategy is the “how” of reaching your goals. 

I’ve blogged before on the process for determining your “how.” I’m sure I’ll blog more about that in the future. But today, I want you to think about whether your “how,” your activity, is actually helping you reach your goals. 

I see this over and over again in small business. People are busy doing activities, feeling accomplished because of their business. And yet they don’t reach their goals. Why? Because all of that busyness is not tied to the goals. As a result, the activity does not lead to success. 

By the way, the bigger your business gets, the more difficult it is to tie everyone’s activities to the top three goals of the company. I see it every day in our own business. This is something we are working hard at right now inside the walls of Infusionsoft. 

So, whatever your “how” is, for the sake of your success, please make sure your activities, and the activities of all your employees, are tied to the goals of the company. If they are, you’ll get small business success. If they’re not, you’ll just end up with small busyness, without the success.

SBS Idea of the Day: Look at your calendar this week. How many of your appointments and activities were not tied to your top three company goals? Right now, eliminate something from next week’s calendar that is not tied to your top three goals and replace it with something that is. Repeat the process. Constantly evolve your activity to be tied to your goals.


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