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5 Things You Need to Read: The Roundup Edition

This weekly roundup is cool and all, but with the end of the year nigh, we really felt we should kick it up a notch—everyone out there is rounding up the best [fill in the blanks] of 2015 or the top XYZ for ABC in 2015, so how is our wee small business roundup to compete?

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So we bring you a roundup roundup. That’s right: a roundup of some of the best roundups out there. So get your Bette Davis on and fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy roundup.

2015’s Best Cities to Start a Business (via @wallethub)

Some cities are just friendlier to entrepreneurship than others. How does yours stack up? Should you immediately pack things up and move your business to Shreveport, Louisiana? How many people are going to make jokes about New Jersey being at the bottom? [Disclaimer: we love New Jersey!]

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This can be great information for entrepreneurs to know the climate they’re dealing with, because if you know your obstacles, you can strategize around them, and if you know your benefits, you can leverage them hardcore. 

Fun fact: Chandler, Arizona, headquarters of Infusionsoft, comes in at 122 out of 150.

Longform Best of 2015 Business (via @longform)

Modern “wisdom” says to keep articles short and sweet for our new shot attention spans (squirrel!), but longform journalism is thriving. 


Check out Longform’s roundup of the year’s best in longform pieces. Their number one pick for business? “The CEO Paying Everyone $70,000 Salaries Has Something to Hide,” a fascinating look at the motivations for Gravity CEO Dan Price’s decision to pay all his employees a minimum of $70,000 a year.

Be sure to check out the longform pieces in their other sections, but make sure you’ve got some time on hand—the list is full of riveting, heartbreaking, and unexpected reads.

15 Best Business Books of 2015 (via @Forbes)

How many of these business books did you read (or mean to read) in 2015? Time to add the ones you didn’t get to to your absolutely-must-read list. I know, you’ve got a stack of things you mean to read but work and pesky sleep keep getting in the way.

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Well, carve out some time over your morning or afternoon coffee, your lunch, or get them on audiobook and listen when you drive, because this year’s top business books run the gamut from economics to caring for your people like family.

The Top 10 Best Small Business Blogs for Entrepreneurs in 2015 (via @ChrisDucker)

I know—how comprehensive could a list that doesn’t include the Infusionsoft blog be?

brooklyn 99 meh.gif

We’ll give Chris Ducker a pass because he has compiled a great list of blogs entrepreneurs should read (after they read the Infusionsoft blog, naturally). It’s possible you’re reading most of these other well-known blogs as well, but if you’re not, here’s your (almost) comprehensive list of blogs to visit regularly in 2016.

20 Best Lists of 2015 (via @RollingStone)

Is it double meta that our roundup of roundups includes a roundup of roundups? No matter! This list from Rolling Stone covers the serious (the year in mass shootings) to the silly (50 best foreign-language movie-musicals ever). OK, it’s not about business, but the holidays are stressful. When you need a break, check out one of these lists. The ranking of McDonald’s breakfast menu could provide you with an added knowledge base you never knew you needed.

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Need some more reading? Check out these delightful posts from the past year: 

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Almost Famous?

Happy New Year!

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