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The One Customer Review Goldmine You’re Missing Out On

As marketers, we know the value of incoming reviews as most of us have a system in place to ask customers about their experience. Some marketers prefer sending emails, some prefer texts. Others prefer sending surveys and while still others prefer sending URLs directly to the review website with nothing in between.

But did you know that there is one way to drive solid, five-star reviews that you might be missing? I’m talking about Employee Review Landing Pages.

Here’s a concept about online reputation that most people don’t factor in. The fact that you provide a good product or service alone, does not mean you will generate five-star reviews alone. You need five-star customer service in order to generate five-star reviews.

After all, you can sell the world’s greatest hamburger, but if your cashier has a bad attitude, your burger joint will get more bad reviews than good ones. This means that employees are the catalyst for customers taking the time to share their experience online. And that’s where Employee Review Landing Pages come in.

Knowing this review psychology, we can evolve our review request protocol to include the very catalyst that was instrumental in providing a five-star experience—the employee. A landing page is a web page that is optimized for a single purpose, in our case, that's getting a five-star review. By segmenting customer data by employee, you can send your customers to an Employee Review Landing Page to capture review information. 

Here are a few elements in an Employee Review Landing Page:

employee review landing page

  1. Use a professional photo of the employee—and I emphasize professional
  2. Provide a short employee bio that puts a purpose to the face and reminds your customer what your employee does
  3. Have a call to action that guides your customer clearly and easily to leave a review 

In many industries, particularly the ones where a customer spends hours with an employee, we’ve noticed large differences in review conversion rates between those companies that use Employee Review Landing Pages and those that don’t. Here are a few more tips to further increase conversion:

  1. Reward or incentivize employees for earning good reviews
  2. Provide multiple review website options. If you only point to Yelp, you will get fewer reviews than if you point to Yelp, Google+, and Facebook.
  3. Employee training: the more training you can provide to your employees about getting customers to share their experience online, the better.

Employee Review Landing Pages also allow you to look at more dynamic data. We have always had the ability to look at the amount of review requests sent, email's opened, etc. But with Employee Review Landing Pages, you can easily look at review conversion per employee. It will be easy to distinguish who is earning more good reviews for your company. 

Now, here are some final tips for even better review conversion.

  1. Automate your review requests. As we know, manual work requires time and sometimes we just don’t have it. Additionally, automation ensures that nothing will fall through the cracks when those busy times come.
  2. If at all possible, use text messaging versus email. Text messages have a 98 percent open rate, which is much higher than average email open rates.
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Curtis Boyd is the CEO of Future Solutions Media, a firm specializing in online reputation. They connect the link between high-quality customer service and online reputation, work with business owners to address bad reviews and hidden reviews, and advise on best legal practices to generate new reviews from customers who are willing to share their experience online. 

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