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At Infusionsoft, we’re on a mission to help small businesses succeed. As part of this mission, we aspire for our Knowledge Center to be the go-to resource for small business owners and marketing professionals who want to gain a competitive advantage in sales and marketing, operations, and personal growth.

Want to write for the Knowledge Center and help achieve that mission?

Here’s what we’re looking for

  • You’re an expert on marketing, sales, business and personal growth, and small business operations (accounting, finance, HR, etc.)

  • You have a passion for sharing your knowledge to help small businesses succeed

  • You have some awesome examples of your work published on similar sites

  • You have an engaged social presence and email list, and you’re happy to share your articles with them

  • You’re willing to backlink your article on your website where appropriate (you want people to find it, right?)

Here’s what you can expect

  • Exposure to a passionate, growing, and varied small business audience

  • Promotion on our social channels and (sometimes) our newsletter

  • A backlink in your byline (and in the article if appropriate) to your website

  • Our undying love and affection

Here’s what to do next

Complete this form to tell us about your interests. Based on the topics you select, you'll receive occasional queries when we have specific article ideas in need of writers.

After you complete the form, you'll receive our contributor guidelines and be contacted by an Infusionsoft content team member to discuss more details.

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Small business success means more than just sales and marketing, so we also hit on a range of topics to help your small business thrive, including personal and business growth, customer service, and business management.

6. Righteous GIFs

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