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5 Things You Need to Read: The Hiring Edition

A new year means a new budget, which might mean exciting changes for some companies: new hires.

But while adding employees can be game changing for a small business, the process of hiring can be overwhelming.

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 A small business owner can’t rely on the HR department if she is the HR department.

Check out these five pieces for help with every stage of hiring, from writing job descriptions to interviewing to making the hire official.

7 Things to Look for in Your First Hires (via @Inc)

In a young and fast-changing company, hiring for character traits may be equally important as hiring for skills. Serial entrepreneur Ilya Pozin explains why start-up employees should be self-motivated, visionary, and thick-skinned.

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5 Tips on the Art of Writing Job Descriptions (via @CreativeGroup)

Job openings are competitions—amongst candidates, but also amongst companies vying for the best talent. “Local company seeks creative marketing specialist with unique ideas” isn’t exactly compelling for creative job seekers. Make sure your job description strikes the right balance with these tips from The Creative Group, a recruiting agency.

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5 Ways to Cut Down the Cost of Recruiting (via @Entrepreneur)

When you finally find the budget to grow your team, spend it on salaries, not on the hiring process itself.

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Here are five ideas for keeping costs in check, like asking employees to advertise the job on social media and using free options like LinkedIn.

50 Most Common Interview Questions (via @Glassdoor)

Resume, educational background, salary requirements, strengths, and weaknesses—you’ve got those interview questions down, and your candidates probably do, too. To dig a little deeper, check out Glassdoor’s list of the 50 most common interview questions, compiled from tens of thousands of post-interview reports posted to the website. And if “How would you fire someone?” is still too tame, try Glassdoor’s top 10 oddball interview questions. By the way, how would you describe the color yellow to somebody who’s blind?

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6 Steps You Must Take When Hiring Employees (via @QuickBooks)

Post job description: check. Collect applications: check. Conduct interviews: check.

Choose the best candidate: check. But how do you actually hire someone, legally? Intuit QuickBooks explains the important stuff, like employee identification numbers, work eligibility and tax reporting requirements.

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For more hiring tips, check out these posts from our blog:

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