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5 Things You Need to Read: The Employee Retention Edition

Your employees will never leave you. 

File that one under “Business delusions.” 

Right now, you may have the most kickass team running your small business that you could ever possibly have. Good for you! It is totally possible that they will remain loyal to your business until the end of your days—that does happen. But what happens more often is that people move on, or become unhappy, or get an un-turn-down-able offer, or just want a change.


Once you get those awesome people, part of your job is to make sure those likelier things don’t happen. But what are those things? How do you keep people on board in times in which large companies offer dry cleaning, free meals, and personal racecars? 


[I made the last one up. Do you know any companies who offer personal racecars? Asking for a friend.] 

Your Best Employees Will Quit. Here’s Why. (via @Groove)

Start with this article, which will help you come to terms with the situation. It can really hurt when people leave your business—it’s yours after all.

sad george michael.gif

But remember: It’s not personal. It will take a few employees leaving for you to start internalizing this, but get started remembering this as soon as possible. So make your job making your employees love their jobs to stem the tide of churn, and remember: It’s not personal. 

7 Great Employee Retention Strategies (via @wheniwork)

This overview provides a holistic look at what keeps employees where they are. It includes being a good manager, providing growth options, hiring the best, and watching your managers. It looks at way more than just benefits or perks, which are important, but this article recognizes that it’s the environment, not the perks, in which people thrive and remain loyal.


A Small Business Guide to Offering Paid Time Off (via @Intuit

No doubt one of the key things that will keep employees happy, aside from health benefits, is the ability to take time off.


This straightforward post from Intuit goes into some of the brass tacks of offering vacation and sick leave—two things you definitely should offer. How you do it is, of course, up to you, but you have to have a policy in place to prevent confusion or, even worse, frustration.

How Onboarding Can Improve Employee Retention (via @WaspBarcode)

A great way to make sure employees stay as long as possible is to start your retention plans as soon as possible. Onboarding is a key component of employee retention—it sets the tenor for their entire experience at your business. People thrive with key objectives, clear processes, and close co-worker relationships. So check these ideas out and start improving the way you onboard!

Unusual Employee Perks to Keep Your Small Business Staff Engaged (via @NFIB)

While environment does matter, perks can give you a little extra edge in hiring and retention. There are a variety of unusual perks that employees enjoy, including childcare and on-site fitness trainers. 

onsite daycare.gif

Whatever it is, you don’t have to break the bank—just think about your employees with some common sense and empathy and provide the extra mile you think would most benefit them.

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